Ep.1-The Map(Forest)


Ep.2-South Beach

Ideas=Gale,Heli Pig,Space pig,Big pig,Muscle pig,

Ep.3-Death Battle(Circus)

Ideas=Minigame,Hammer,Costume,Boom Pig,Boom Pig

Ep.4-Hog Head Moutain(Cavern)

Ideas=Ninja pig,Jetpack pig,cursed pig,trainer pig,necromancer pig,explosive fruit box

Ep.5-Slingshot woods

Ideas=Vortex box,Box of coins,geyser box,pig in a box,Anti gravity box

Ep.6-Old Nesting Barrows

Ideas=Critters,Snail Pig,Ghost pig,Gum Pig,Classy Pig

Ep.7-King vs Queen

Ideas=Gear Box,Diva pig,

Ep.8-Phatom Dinosuar Theater

Ep.9-Cornucopia Woods

Ep.10-Joruney to Atlantis

Ep.11-Pig Power

Ep.12-The Bitter Ends


Ep.14-Luca Bath Day

Ep.15-Stella's Epic Adventure

Ep.16-The Infleunce

Ep.17-The Investigation

Ep.18-Ride for your Life

Ep.19-Dahila's Machine

Ep.20-The Secert Faries

Ep.21-LucaZilla Return

Ep.22-The Dragon Code

Ep.23-Shipwreck of Ghosts

Ep.24-Mystery in Paris

Ep.25-Cherry Blossom Adventers

Ep.26-Star Castaways

Ep.27-Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Ep.28-Fright Night

Ep.29-Mystery on the Orient Express

Ep.30-Secret of the Snow

Ep.31-Chocolate Sabotage

Ep.32-The Lost Letters

Ep.33-Venice Masquerade

Ep.34-Frozen Fiasco

Ep.35-Mixed and Match

Ep.36-Legend of the Fire Flowers


Ep.38-Thirteen Ghosts

Ep.39-Blue Scarab Hunt

Ep.40-The Cloud Castle

Ep.41-Stella's Illness

Ep.42-Bearded Forest

Ep.43-Drama Diary Dance

Ep.44-The Secert Invention

Ep.45-Treasures of the Sea

Ep.46-Taking the Stage

Ep.47-Fashinoable Love Letter

Ep.48-Ghost Pirate Treasure

Ep.49-Dreams on Ice

Ep.50-Land of Flowers