• Breadwinners TV Show Review
  • Miraculous Ladybug TV Show Review
  • Prime Queen [Miraculous Ladybug]
  • The Dark Owl [Miraculous Ladybug]
  • ZakStorm TV Show Review
  • Sanjay and Craig TV Show Review
  • How to build a better boy
  • Harriet the Spy: Blog War
  • Game Shakers TV Show Review
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn TV Show Review
  • The Other Kingdom TV Show Review
  • I Am Frankie TV Show Review
  • Reboot: The Guardian Code TV Show Review
  • Monster Family
  • The Little Prince (2015 Film)
  • Monster Buster Club TV Show Review
  • Fish N Chips:Best Enimies Forever
  • Miracles from heaven
  • The 5th Wave


  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon

Show Ideas

  • Looped
  • Miraculous Ladybug S3-S5
  • Monster Buster Club

Nutri Ventures: The Quest of the 7 Kingdoms

Fish N Chips: Best Enimies Forever

Upcoming Media

  • The Queen's Battle Part 1/2 - Miraculous Ladybug [Dec 2018]
  • Heroes Day - Miraculous Ladybug [Dec 2018]
  • Pinky Malinky (2018 TBA)
  • Filly Funtasia (2019 TBD)
  • Zak Storm Season 2 [2020]
  • Ladybug in Halloween - Miraculous Ladybug [TBD]
  • Miraculous Ladybug OVA [TBA]
  • Miraculous Ladybug Film [TBA]



New Segments:Plush Chat(Where I explain to the plusy why the episode sucks)

Praise that Wheel:Where I spin the wheel for my next

Thumbnail Idea

Part 1:Tumbnail idea is Stone Golem vs Steve

Part 2:Tumbnail idea is [Spongebob] catching a buttefly

Tumbnail is clones of circus baby and a robot scared

Tumbnail is Mordecai and Rigby Happy that the world is exploding

Tumbnail shows Klaymen questions why their here

Tumbnail Idea is BOD with Top Tens

Tumbnail Idea is Squidward and a sign saying WHY WOULDN"T YOU DIE? to Spongebob,Patrick,and Mr.Krabs

Tumbnail shows Frog with a Cane and Noose

Tumbnail shows a broken ticket with a neighbor

Tumbnail shows little charmer with ratiy

Tumbnail Idea is shows mario hat vision in a room

Tumbnail Idea is I wearing a helment with a big egg

Tumbnail Idea is

Tumbnail Idea is Miku with a Wisp Saying It will be over

Tumbnail Idea is

Tumbnail shows spongebob with a patty

Tumbnail Idea is video game consoles on fire






Source for all word girl episode ish...

Other Tv Show Ideas

Qubo/Discovery Kids/PBS Kids/Pogo/Jetix/MBC 3/MiniMax/HungamaTv/YTV

Wissper/Fresh Beat Band of Spies/Mademoiselle Zazie/Pat the Dog/Cosmic Quantum Ray

SideKick/Static Shock/Rated A for Awesome

Smile:Fluffy Gardens

Treehouse TV:My Big Big Friend/Ranger Rob/Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom/Nella the Princess Heart

Sunny Days

Gaumont Animation:Delta State/Dude, That's My Ghost/Galactik Football/Hairy Scary/Lanfeust Quest

Matt's Monsters/The Small Giant/The Green Squad/X-DuckX/Zombie Hotel/Pok and Mok/Plankton Invasion

Chaplin and Co/Hurbet and Tatako/Bunny Maleo/A Kind of Magic/Tales of Tatonka/Elenaor's Secret

Cookie Jar Tv:Will and Dewitt/Ace Lighting/C.L.Y.D.E/Dark Oracle/Magi Nation

KidsClick:Scary Larry

DHX:Ella the Elphant/Messy Goes to Okido/Kuu Kuu Harajuku/Rainbow Ruby/Under Grads/Urban Vermin

Olliver's Adventure/The Save-Ums/Bromwell High/Planet Sketch/Bo on the Go!/Pirates:Adventures in Art

Space Ranger Roger/What About Mimi?Yakkity Yak/The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers/Chuck's Choice/Tronji

Ricky Sprocket:Showbiz Boy/Poochini Yard/Gerald McBoing-Boing/Scan2Go/Mudpit/DipDap/Storm Hawks

Treasure (animated TV series)/Flying with Byrd/

CBC Kids:Dot./Lazoo/Wandering Wenda

MoonScoop Group:Bunny Maloney/Chloe's Closet/Cosmic Quantum Ray/The Invisible Man (cartoon series)

Titeuf/Wheel Squad

Saban Entertaiment:The Tofus/Astroblast!

Animonsta Studious:BoBoiBoy/BoBoiBoy Galaxy/BoBoiBoy Movie

Atomic Cartoons:Crash of the Titans Cutsences/Crash Mind over mutant Cutsences/Beat Bugs

Bardel Entertainment:Silver Wing

Bento Box Entertaiment:Neighbors from Hell

BRB Internacional:Canimals

Brown Bag Films:Henry Hugglemonster

Cartoon Saloon:Skunk Fu!

Collingwood & Co:Dennis and Gnasher/The Secret Show/The King's Beard

Creative Capers Entertaiment:Sitting Ducks

Crest Animation Studious:The Swan Princess:A Princess Tomorrow, A Pirate Today

Swan Princess Undercover

Dygra Films:Spirit of the Forest (film)

Rajiv Chilaka:Mighty Raju/Motu Patlu/Kumbh Karan/Stuart Little: The Animated Series/Exchange Student Zero

Arjun: The Prince of Bali

Film Roman:Slacker Cats/

Arc Productions:Numb Chucks/Kody Kapow

Marathon Media:Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!/Rekkit Rabbit/Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist

Mondo Media:Chainmail Bikini Squad/Fanboy Rampage/Fot & Angus/The God & Devil Show/Goodbye Kitty

Like, Share, Die/

Nelvana:Blaster's Universe

Studio B Productions:D'Myna Leagues

Toon City:Mother Up!/

Wizart Animation:Sheep and Wolves

Disney:Doc Mcstuffins/Sofia the First/Miles from Tomorrowland/Vampirina/PJ Masks/Henry Hugglemonster

Hotel Transylvania:The Television Series/Fangbone!/Boyster/Max Steel/Right Now Kapow

Nick Jr:Digby Dragon/Fresh Beat Band of Spies/Nella the Princess Knight/Top Wing/

Teletoon:Atomic Puppet/Chop Chop Ninja/Super Noobs/The Bagel and Becky Show/Bunnicula 

Sprinkle and the Sweet Sugar Magics/Invasion of the MooFaLoo!/Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoo

Wishfart/Fugget About It/Bromwell High/Clone High/Undergrads/My Dad the Rock Star/Crash Canyon

Daft Planet/Futz!/Bravest Warriors/Stoked/Jimmy Two-Shoes/Spliced/My Life Me/Counterfeit Cat

Class of the Titans/Creepschool/Endangered Species/Delilah and Julius/Di-Gata Defenders/World of Quest

Flight Squad/Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong/Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong

Pirate Express/Packages from Planet X

Episode Show to Review (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Shows to Start On

Spider Rider

Delilah and Julius

Class of the titans

Welcome to Creepy School

Matt Hatter Chronicles

Digata Defenders

Atomic Puppet

Endangered Species


Counterfeit Cat


Fred's Head

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

Iggy Arbuckle

Dragon Booster

The Kids from Room 402

Captain Star

Kappa Milkey


Upcoming:Trouble Maker/The Queen's Fight/Frozer/S3-S5(Hopefully)/Ladybug in Halloween/

The Heroes Day/Tales from Paris/Miraculous Chibi/Miraculous Film

The Day my Butt went Psycho

Eleanor Smellanor/Backdrafters/Bubble Bum/Buttnado/Dodge Butt/Don't shoot the message butt

Prom Prom night/Runnin on Empty/The Last Of The Plungercorns/The Stinkness/Wacky Wednesday/

Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

Generation Zap

Sabrina Series:

Sabrina Secret Life/Sabrina the Animated Series/Sabrina Friends Froever

Nutri Ventures:The Quest for the 7 kingdoms:

The Origins/Red Alert/On The Wings of The Dragon/Collision Course/The Island of Tremors/Testing the Trident

The Mysterious Kingdom of Children/The Four Signs of the Apocalypse/The Triads of Light and Darkness

In the Shadow of the Eclipse/The Path of the Lonely Star

Pet Alien

Escape from Detention X/Terror Tv/The Day Time Stood Still/The Creature of the Spray Bay

The Time That Time Ended/Curse of the Invisible Boy

Scaredy Squirrel

Children Of The Acorn/Life Saver/The Coast Is Fear/A Squirreled Away Treasure/Perfect Pickle

Famous 5: On the Case:

The Case of the Plant That Could Eat Your House/The Case of the Defective Detective

The Case of the Cactus, The Coot and The Cowboy Boot/The Case of the Smashed and Tangled Muesem

Stickin Around:

Madam Know-It-All/Night of the Living Dumpster/And the Wiener Is.../Owed to a Tree/Coat of Many Troubles

The Mucus Touch / If It Ain't Fixed, Break It/Buttnocchio/Dill, Man of Letters/Photo Oops / Casa Blank Stare

Lights Out / Do the Russell/It's My Parties / Do the Hooky Pokey/Pool Party/Report Card of Doom / Ring Toss

Battle of the Band / The Scarlet Pimple/Scared Stupid/The Great Race/Tree's Company / Dear Diary

Mission: Implausible

Dream Defenders:

Food Fight/Game on/The Art of Icela/The Queen of Meridian/The mind of a child/The Backup plan

Saving private zane/Fears of a clown/Drama queen/Fearless/Family Business/M.I.S.T.-ery, Part 1-3

The Deep:

Here Be Dragons/The Devil's Sea Mystery/Captured/The test/Fossil/Colossal Squid/Monster hunter

The Phantom Sub/Treasure of the Islanders/The Field of Giants/The Twilight Zone/Loki's Castle/From the stars

Mermaids/Kenji's Monster/Hidden Secrets/The Maze/Whale of a tale/The Missing/The Gates

Thunder and lighting

Miss Moon:

All Aboard/Love Vampire/Bomber boy/The Magic clock/The great escape/Magipoly/Lola and the frog

The treasure of the lake/Back to childhood/Wifi nanny/The haunted house

Sci Girls:

Turtle Mania/Puppet Power/Digging Archaeology/Horsing Around/Blowin' in the Wind/Robots to the Rescue

Underwater Eco-Adventure/Multitasking Mania/Insulation Station/Bee Haven/SkyGirls/Butterfly Diaries

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz:

Magical Mandolin/Locket Locket in My Pocket/Rules of Attraction/Jinxed/No Sleep Sleepover/Time After Time

Castle Sitters/Emeralds of Zog/Copy Cat/Mirror Madness


Mumkey Business/Spider Lamb/Alligator Tears/Garlicked/Evil Cat Videos/Chester's Shop of Horror/Nevermoar

Haunted Dog House/Dreamcatcher/Beware Apartment 13!/Family Portrait/My Imaginary Friend

Indistinguishable from Magic/

World of Quest:

The Quest Begins / The Not-So-Great Escape/Tournament of Punishment/Trial of Anna Maht/Mini Quest

Death by Mockery/Fall of Odyssia/ Harvest Day/War of the Griffins/Night of the Hunter / World of Carney

Search for Power/Mystical Tooth Fairy/The Crusades/Mirror Quest / Leaper Island/Katastrophic Storm

World of Water/The Body Switch

Tree Fu Tom:

Squizzle Quest/Hide and Squeak/Buzzworthy/Crystal Catastrophe/The Great Journey/Treasure Hunt

The lost stone/Super Squirmtum/Picture This/Stuck/Dark Sprites/Raiders Of The Lost Bark


Game on/The dream world/The haunted house/BoBoiBoy vs Fang/The Math test/Battle in the moon

Danger: BoBoiBot/BoBoiBoy Movie

BoBoiBoy Galaxy:

Laundry Delivery Mission/The Heated Battle/Circus of Darkness/Thunderstorm Appears

Chuck's Choice:

Sunny Daze/So Wrong It's Right/Chuck Dynasty/Les Disherables/Who's on Cursed?/Comet and Get It

How to Restrain Your Dragon

Captain Flamingo - N/A Jibber Jabber - N/A

Cancelled Episodes

Episodes which were cancelled for various reasons:

Episode/Movie/Series Title Reason for Cancellation
FoodFight! The Worst Movie and Everybody hates it plus do you even know the budget plus some of the characters in the poster do not do sh*t and some anus man decided to steal the old hard drive which was way better than this movie.Plus It suppost to be made in the 2000s but was put in 2013!I like Sausage party than this since it's similar to this movie but better!
The Ren and Stimpy Show Gross and Distinguishing is not my cup of tea
Breadwinners The worst thing for modern cartoon
Kirby Right Back at Ya I do not wanna do this cause I might hurt kirby fans
Earth to Echo Why the hell would you ground the kids they just saved the world and F*ck the kid that does nothing to talk plus I like Project Almanac better than this!
Teen Titans Go! The Worst Show for cartoon network and taking over CN also there does not need a remastered show
A Pal for Gary I got nothing say anymore Jem Reviews and Mr Enter Reviewed this,so what else do you want from me
Sanjay and Craig I used to love then riped off regular show since it's made by nick
Steven Universe I don't like romance shows.
Pickle and Peanut Read Sanjay and Craig up there(Rip off of regular show)
Garfield For this forward now I refuse Garfield to not be funny anymore
The Lorax (2012 Movie)
Ed, Edd, Eddy
Captain Planet
The Brave Little Toaster
Angelina Ballerina
Willa Wild Life I Could not find any episode to review it on and I couldn't review the show since their is nothing on the wikia


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