Book Title Description Summary Insirped by (Games) Date Release
Dust Til Dawn "What Will Happen at Night? You'll See" "The Night has given wisdom, I have yet to solve it. And so does the people, I have found a way to solve it. That still doesn't make things right, Patience will be reward soon" Until Dawn 1

The Sanley Parable

Half Life


Sunken Scrolls

The Desolate Hope Series

Maevolent "Discover How It Begin" Amensia 1Corvus

Bradwell Electronics



In Reality

Ominous "It's Near the End" Dead OutSteam Winter 2015Battlefield 1

Wilson Wolfe Affair

Fractured 0 1 2

White NightParanormal Tape 1

Bogus "Not Everyone is Nice" The House

Project Scissors

Rise of InsanityLollipop Chainsaw

The Shadow Boys KonaStalker:Shadow of Chernobyl


Book 1 Chapters:

Ch.1-The Easy Descent Way

Ch.2-Dead Party Man

Ch.3-Raising the Being

Ch.4-Devils and Angels

Ch.5-Bad Juice

Ch.6-This World's Word

Ch.7-Good Morning Star

Ch.8-The Guilty Dark

Ch.9-Day of Lost

Ch.10-Wrath from dust

Ch.11-Thou Fallen Sisters'

Ch.12-Love is Blood

Ch.13-The Light of Maxima

Ch.14-You're Not Owned

Ch.15-The Fair Alone

Ch.16-Problems of Memory

Ch.17-Day of Reflection

Ch.18-Hail the Awaken

Ch.19-Beside the Still Water

Ch.20-Infernal Ground Stand

Book 2 Chapters:

Ch.1-What Lies Beneath

Ch.2-Thy Instructed Rules

Ch.3-Devices of Fire

Ch.4-The Last Hours

Ch.5-Artificies of Wick

Book Title Description Summary Inspired by (Games)
Scavengers "Fear Comes Here" Outlast 1 2

Dawn Bloom


The Cursed Forest


Slender Man 1

Archipelago "Let See What They Want To See" Alan WakeAlone?


Anna 0

Dark Watch

The Cursed Forest

Penisula DayzDead Island

Dead by Daylight

Deadly Premonition

Dying Light

Dear Esther 0

Deathwatch Left AloneHuman

The Land of Pain

Nirvana "It's All Just In Your Mind" Alice 1 2April Fools


Decay The Mare

Bendy and the Ink Machine


Empyrean "It's All Just A Dream" Layers of FearNecromancy for beginners

Human Souls

Killing Floor 2

The Secret World

Layton World

Coup "It's All Just Real" CallingWill You Ever Return

The Town of Light




Dementia 7 Days to DieAmong the Sleep


Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Condemned:Criminal Origins

Condemned 2

Abiding Cry of FearDark Siders

Dark Souls

Naughty Bear

Emily wants to play

The Survey

N/A PerceptionGrandma
Area 51st "The Future is Now" Dead Space 1 2Watch Dogs 2

Rick and Morty


Definitely Not Rick and Morty

Stranger Things

Perception "Today, We Bring Mercy" Soma76543

Mystery of the Emblem

Black Mesa



Whiz Alien IsolationLost Memories Investigation

The Console

Banojxot Xuh



Feeble Black RoseExagen

Society X

Eye Sigil ARG

Kill Your Internet


Advent ConairumWaking Titan


Mr.Robot ARG

Ready Player One


Oblivion DaylightObserver

Cryostasis:Sleep of Reason 1 2 3

Frost Bite


The Forest - COM

Oxenfree 0 1 - COM

Petscop - COM

Rainbow Leaks - COM

Steam Summer Sale - COM

Poem Endings of Books

"I hope and pray that I will find, the thing I have left behind. For as I hear the madness gloat, a frightened scream from my boat. A love with blind ambition against my panicked admonition, into the heart of my share, I search on, without despair, and search and wander as I might that I see no ending to my plight. There is no poiny in searching more for she is the one i'm searching for"

I asked you once if the sun loved the other stars you looked at me and shook your head. "he doesn't have time for such things," you said nodding, I turned back to the horizon the sun horizon. The sun hung low in the blushing sky, it's still a star and all stars die. I shuddered at the thought, random as it was darkness same and crickets chirped there was the familiar scoff of books on dirt, I turned to find that you had gone. The moon and fog are better company though just as silent, I know what they expect of me. Winter is a long and lonely season spring comes as sweet surprise, autumn is summer's swift demise though, I don't understand the point you barely fit twenty four hours in a day why set my heart to a seasonal delay? Home was soon as afterthought I counted the stars like missed chances and listened intently for sacred wind dances. I paused momentarily to curse the sun too stubborn to pause and love someone at the end, we were no different.

As a child my heart was filled with wonder,I yearned for the light of the sun of my face but yearning was hopeless for the light was nowhere, there was nothing but darkness and I in this place as a child I lived in fear of the darkness of the day I'd no longer walk in the light but fears can be conquered and dreams can be shattered I'd be lost if I never faced the night the world was crushed into tiny pieces, a broken world for a broken soul and the fruitless search among the rubble brought me the piece that made me whole. The world was new and full of light a hopeful place for two hopeful souls and the seems may change, our hands may wither fake has cast us for these roles though darkness covers most of the sky the stars will shine until their light breaks through and all my life, though I longed for the sun it's light that always just cut off my view though darkness covers most of my sky the stars have always been waiting for me and though the darkness, came the light. The light of the stars that set me free

Others (Kinda.)

A book about myth's



Bk.2-Birds and Roads





Idea:1 2 3


Cool Game Insirped

Limbo/Inside/Machinarium,Unraveled/Desolate room,Desolate hope,Firewatch,Journey/Ori and the blind forest,Abzu,Oxenfree,Closure/Oscura Second Shadow,Bad Lands,Nihilumbra/The Last Guardian,Toby:The Secret mine/Little Nightmares,Botanicula,Samorost,Questionaut/Leo Fortune,Broken Age,The Cave,Tiny Theif

Never Alone,Seasons after fall,Home sweet home

Amensia,Outlast,Gone home,The sanley parable

Until Dawn,The Swapper,Nihilumbra,Monochroma

Typoman:Revised,Contre Jour,Grimind,White Night

Schein,Black the fall,Child of light,