Ep.1-Slender Man,Lavender Town Syndrome

Ep.2-This man,Username 666

Ep.3-Suicide mouse,Russian sleep experiemtnt

Ep.4-Ben zelda,Jeff the killer

Ep.5-UFO sighting,Girl from the gap

Ep.6-Ten Dreams,Fatal Fare

Ep.7-Hikiko-San,Human Pillar

Ep.8-Roanld mc donald house,Abandoned by disney

Ep.9-Noh Mask,Herobrine

Ep.10-MARIO,The Scariest video game ever

Ep.11-The Theater,Dream School

Ep.12-The video will,Luna Game

Ep.13-Mordecai,We kept driving

Ep.14-YouChan,Facebook friends

Ep.15-Smile Dog,Google Maps 3D


Ep.17-The Wandarar,Bowser and king boo theory

Ep.18-The other network,Necrosleep

Ep.19-The Endless maze,Mr friend 123

Ep.20-Generation,Dead girl on facebook

Season 2

Ep.1-A Haunting Most Mario,The Monterry house

Ep.2-Infinite run,El Cadejo

Ep.3-The Hitch Hicker,Into The forest

Ep.4-The Bad Hour,The House of tubes

Ep.5-Hello neighbor,The Negative Zone

Ep.6-The Gribble House,The Perfect game

Ep.7-The Lincoln Theater,Devil school

Ep.8-Devil Den,Bell witch cave

Ep.9-Ratman,The black dog

Ep.10-Fnaf restuant,Red Cap

Ep.11-Crying Child,Role Playing games

Ep.12-Simple game,Mario 128


1.Dalmations the series pilot

2.A tin toy Christmas

3.Aaah real monsters pilot

4.Adventure time what was missing

5.TAWOG The Rex

6.Back at the Barnyard pilot

7.Big Bug Man

8.Demashita Powepuff Z

9.Dora the explorer pilot

10.Foodfight 2002

11.Fraidy Cat

12.Hey Arnold the junge movie

13.Lost PBS Kid Idents and schedule bumpers

14.Jimmy Neutron Movie Short

15.Nick Jr Revamped Face Promos

16.Nick Bumpers and Channel IDs

17.Nightmare Ned

18.Phineas and ferb stop the diff

19.Popeye Movie