Daily News-

Distorted Freddy-PNM=Desk,Attack,Lights Out,Night 1,2:Am

The Lamp-Daisy Duck=Night 1,4:Am

The Mangled-Oswalt,Night 2,Attack,Desk,Power out,2AM

Distorted Lobit-The face,Night 2,Attack,Desk,Lights out,2AM

Distorted Bonnie-Suicide M=Night 3,Attack,Desk,2AM

Distorted Foxy-Acephalous=Night 3,Attack,Desk,2AM

Distorted Chica-Minnie=Night 4 Attack,Lights Out,2AM

Distorted FF-Classic Oswald=Night 4,Run,4AM

Dark Puppet-Pluto,Night 5,Attack,Begin

Distorted BidyB-MickMick,Night 5,Attack,2AM

Distorted Fredbear-willy,Night 5,Attack,4AM

The Fan-Donald Duck=Night 6,Attack,2AM

Hybrid(Rat)-Hour glass,Night 6,Attack,4AM

Distorted Ennard-Corruptus,Dark night,Attack,Desk

Distorted Baby-True mickey,Attack,Dark Night,



Cam1-Staff Area,Cam2A-Box Area,Cam2B-Box Area 2

Cam3-Robot Room,Cam 4-Staff Area 2,Cam5-Robot Room 2

Cam 6-Roof,Cam7-Storage room,Cam 8A-Lounge

Cam8B-Bathroom,Cam 9-Main Hallway,Cam 10-Tech Room

PC 1-

Hello x2.uh.Hi there.So welcome to Fazbear warehouse,sorry to put you in this job,or maybe you just did for yourself.I don’t know who you are,but If you’re seen the thing,you know the lamp with the distorted freddy costume.You probably heard that It can actually wander,but you many not know it can actually not see instead,it can acutally hear so shut off your cams very quickly make it silent then it could go away goodnight

PC 2-Hey,Thanks for your work on the warehouse normally we need someone to check the rooms and were moving out so the eqiupment of the warehouse from freddy fazbear pizza so you’re the intern don’t worry we will set up more stuff so today we have a machine called the magled and lobit which you need to check him.The rumors are coming saying that a man called mike schmidt is missing from the restaunt but I can’t confirm it due to a golden suit.My theory is that if they come to the office no not make sound for it just close the doors becuase we can’t hear or see them quikcly.Ok till then check those cams but beware of them

PC3-Hello x2 hey night 3 once agian uh *Breath* I was researching about fazbear workshop and here’s the infomation I got,I found out a suit called Distorted Bonnie and foxy uh the reason bonnie is so black was the amount of time to fix it now he’s just wierded out and he blends in the ground or walls so all you have to do is check if he is hear and close the doors and check the cams if he is in your office and try to look for foxy to actually survive the safe night and no kidding the employees call him foxy becuase he’s a fox to hide around he doesn’t get into the cameras becuase he hides alot so watch out cause instead of shutting off the cameras you won’t get him or try to close the doors fast or he will kill you so watch out ok good night

PC4-Hey x2 I just wanted to say out how great your doing with your jon on the cameras and we shipped more objects fast I heard that a suit called chica is here and of course your alive I mean he was just a suit like the others and the textures or creepy than the reopen of freddy fazbear pizza I’ll be back see you then and good luck

PC5-Hello agian night 5 so guess what you’re reading for something bad becuase the people working with us is missing which sucks but just check out for fredbear which pretty sucks so just check out for him or he will kill you like the others you just want to check your paycheck and piss off with the credit but if you want to survive LISTEN TO ME becuase the have something that worrst then the incident with mr.afton also the creepy stupid bidybud that mr.afton fricken made was just annyoing like b.b becuase one day this kid was into the ballon ride and suddleny was missing ok thx you also DON”T SCREW UP or you will be dead by god

PC6-Hello can you hear me thx’s for listing the stupid moron was being a arse hole and my secert is that I understand the meaning of the world but it’s too important becuase they are here seeing me the hybrid creature but just try to survive and after your job I’ll explain the…

Dark Night -”Wierd Noise”You don’t trust me”Old Style music”You must help me” “Wierd Scream” “I don’t understand” “Wierd luagh” “this place has a reason and I will find you”