This going to be a movie based on BirdsofDestiny and Crafty LifeStyle crossover

Story:One Day,BirdsofDestiny was relaxing when he found Crafty LifeStyle and he decided to follow her by his sneak attacks and then she brings a robot to destory me then we go into the caves and must escape by wierd mutants then after that huge bugs come sting Crafty LifeStyle after that the bug come forward us and we go run away from the trail then after that their was a lot of villages filled with corn and then a weird wizard goes turns a spell on a mascot statue into real life after that Crafty LifeStyle travel into the Wicked Jungle filled with snakes and other wild life things and then it sets night and we go into this wierd dream wich it leads us to DIDNEY WORL which they go bowling after the dream the same wizard sets the jungle into flames and we must escape it then he sprays some sauce into the sun which turns angry and comes attacking us.

The sun then leads a candyland filled with gummy flowers and bears after the gummies we arrive in a car shop where we need to do a car challenge

They later went to the Icy lands and they race some penguins into the pits of snow when they arrive at a pirate ship to go battle a captain filled with cannons and rockets after that an machine shark with the wizard came over and went to eat us after crashing in the mountains we use sprong shoes to get up over the a creepy school yard and see inside it being lights out and it lead to a pit of a mutant Swamp Cat after that we go ride some motor cycles and they see the sun set and must climb safety in the ground then see a airship which they must battle the wizard after that the wizard takes us into his lair and we must dodge the things the wizard throws at us after that we travel the ghosty rooms filled with dust then we arrive at the elevator and we must fix it before it crashes and they crash down into the caves and must follow a maze and lead them into a challenge with the wizard giant along with a bear plushies,a red bird,and a minion after that BOD and Crafty LifeStyle has saved the day and now become friends


1.The Neighborhood=Crash Twinsanity-N.Sanity Island

2.Rocky High Road=Crash Twinsanity-Mechabandicoot

3.Crust out Catastrophe=Crash Twinsanity-Cavern Catastrophe

4.High Sky Moskitu=Crash Twinsanity-Totem Hokum

5.Run Run Run=Crash Twinsanity-River Rollerbrawl

6.Corn Exploder=Crash Twinsanity-Worm Chase

7.Swingy Swoopy Mascot=Crash Twinsanity-Totem God

8.Work It=Crash Twinsanity-Icerberg Lab

9.The more you dream the more you...=CTTR-Mystery Island

10.DIDNEY WORL=CTTR-Happily Ever Fastly

11.Bowling Challenge=CTTR-Bowling Theme

9.Flame Pyro Mania=Crash Twinsanity-Ice Climb

10.Anger Manager Trial=Crash Twinsanity-Uka Uka

11.Don't Tell Me=Crash Twinsanity-Gone a Bit Coco

12.Give me Crystals,Give me cars=Crash TTR-Von Clutch's Motor World Midway

13.Win Me 1 on 1=CTTR Midway minigame

14.It's Raining Tooths!=Crash Twinsanity-Slip Slide Icecapades

15.Walking on Water=Crash Twinsanity-High Sea Hi Jinks

16.Jinks R U=Crash Twinsanity N Gin Boss

17.Cooking Shark Mate=Crash Twinsanity Walrus Chase

18.Sprong Sprong Spring=Crash Twinsanity-N.Tropy and N.Brio

19.Spooky Bone Grade=Crash Twinsanity-Madame Amberly School Yard

20.Where are they=Crash Twinsanity-Boiler room doom

21.Fat Cat Tails=Crash Twinsanity-Dingodile

22.Motor Cross=Crash Twinsanity-Classroom Chaos Crash

23.Night Falls=Crash Twinsanity-Classroom Chaos Cortex

24.Thunder Shipping=Crash Twinsanity-Rooftop Rampage

25.Setting the Curtains=Crash Twinsanity-10th Dimension

26.Fall Fall Fall=Crash Twinsanity-Rock Slide Rumble

27.Look at the Lag=Crash Twinsanity-Twinsanity Island

28.Fixer R up=Crash Twinsanity-Bandicoot Pursuit

29.The End Maze=Crash Twinsanity-Evil Twins Compound(Ant Agony)

30.Holy Giant=CTTR-CTTR Evilocity Medley

31.The End!=CTTR-Staff Roll