Dolye Diary

Bk.1-A Potato Book

Picture->Diary of a wimpy kid 1

Bk.2-This never happened(Back to school)

Picture->Dear Dumb Diary #8

Bk.3-My Trip is haunted(Train station)

Picture->Diary of a wimpy kid 9

Bk.4-When VideoHub Began(Go Viral)

Picture->Diary of wimpy kid 4

Bk.5-Olympics Voyage

Picture->Frantastic Voyage

Bk.6-Can’t do this(Snowland)

Picture->Dear Dumb diary 5

Bk.7-The swimming potato

Picture->Dear Dumb diary 4

Bk.8-The problem with luck

Bk.9-Never going command(Arenadland)

Bk.10-It’s not my palace(Castle)

Bk.11-That’s my dance(Rio)

Bk.12-The worst days in life(Job)

Bk.13-When babies unite

Bk.14-Hasn’t this gone too far(Space)