Animatronics Edit

Candy The Cat-Night 1

Cindy the Cat-Night 1

The Original Cat(Old Cat)-Night 3

The Penguin-Night 2

Blank-Night 4

Shadow Candy-Night 5 Only(Halluction)

The Rat-Night 6

Nights Edit

Endings Edit

Night 5-

Night 6-A Newspaper shows Closing the Cats:At 6:30 a worker for Candy's Burgers and Fries has been murdered by animatronic,with that the place has been closed and will never see the light of day like most other pizzerias

Game Mechanics Edit

Doors,Clock,Power,Maintenance Panel,

Game Modes Edit

Tutorial,Story Mode,Custom Night,Extras

Easter Eggs Edit

Markplier,Origami Cat,YOU WILL DIE(You feel asleep poster),Freddy Fazbear,

Sounds Edit

Main Menu

Glitch Sound

Phone Ringing


Ambience 2

Walking Sound

Walking Sound 2

Moan Sound

Door Close

Rat Sound


Wolves Howling

Owl Sound

Water Drip Sound


Lights Out

Night 5 Complete

Night 6 Complete