1973:Fredbear Family Diner Open.

Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,Foxy,Fredbear,and Spring Bonnie was made.

1983:Fredbear’s and Friends Opens,Purple guy becomes ceo of fredbear and friends,Afton Robotics made,Chica party world created,FNAF 4 takes place,Bite of 83,Place closes,

1983:Funtime animatronics made,Circus baby pizza world annocuned,Afton daughter dies,Circus baby pizza world cancelled due to leaks,Sister location takes place,Ennard takes the soul of purple guy,Ennard disappear in the sewer but purple guy does not die and turns dark

1983:Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,and Foxy were moved to Freddy Fazbear Pizza.Purple guy kills crying child,purple kills 5 childern in freddy fazbear pizza.Place closes

1987:Toy Animatronics,BB,and Puppet made,freddy fazbear pizza reopens,Purple guy using golden freddy suit kills another child,Magle bites purple guy,

1987:Freddy Fazbear pizza shut downs,rain and rats will the place,The new CEO uses money from fredbear’s family diner to use spring lock suits and make tapes for steps and used suits for the safe room from the place,Purple guy destroyes freddy,bonnie,chica,and foxy.Purple guy gets killed the springlock suit from the crying child

1993:Witherd animatronics build back up but foxy is out of order,Freddy Fazbear Pizza opens,