Fnam:Silver shrooms


Charley woodon-Issac

Jorden woodon-Issac brother

Peter woodon-Issac father(purple guy)

Edward Edison-Issac brother(Friend 1)

Tad Edison-Issac brother(Friend 2)

Hodge plad-Issac brother(Friend 3)

Angela Terence-Issac friend

Jack corre-Angela’s brother

Virginia corre-Angela’s sister

Richard Robert-Guard(fnaf 2)

Robert ally-Guard(fnaf 1)

Michael hud- robert’s father

Alex Richard-Police

Chuck oliver-(missing kid)

Jon harmon-(missing kid 2)

Carolyin Dalton(Missing kid 3)

Benna oliver(Missing kid 4)

Diasy ben-bitten girl

Daniella quinn-

Emily clart-angleys mother

Gavin Anastasia-

Jessica burke-

Jason burke-

Herny brook-

Stella jen-

Donald dave-

Officer harriet-

Billy lily-

Stan F. tom-

Book 1-5

Ch.1-Sunset house(One day, Charley is locked in his room and he explains what just happens in his day_

Ch.2-Living in solitary(One day charley is at Super Mario and friends and exits the restaunt)

Ch.3-Halluction dreams(One night charley is having a dream about his day)

Ch.4-Going to be raised(One day charley gets hit by some bullies and goes to the hospital and hes friend lives with her)

Ch.5-Swine machines(

Ch.6-Collison cure


Ch.8-Flash attack

Ch.9-Lunar moon

Ch.10-Number code

Ch.11-What’s left

Book 2

Ch.1-Something new

Ch.2-Constant clock

Ch.3-Shape of things

Ch.4-Sick fever

Ch.5-Wittle prince

Ch.6-Variable lesson

Ch.7-What we do

Ch.8-Light as sun

Ch.9-Terriable package

Ch.10-Across the road

Ch.11-A new deal

Ch.12-Dark as moon

Book 3

Ch.1-Buried secerts

Ch.2-Being Depression

Ch.3-Envelope from a friend

Ch.4-Lonely price

Ch.5-Silver shrooms

Ch.6-Blood trick

Ch.7-Swamp croc

Ch.8-The outsiders

Ch.9-Bad habit

Ch.10-Tower hunt

Ch.11-Nuclear mind

Ch.12-Drift out

Book 4

Ch.1-Broken mirror

Ch.2-Forgiven Plan

Ch.3-Operation lily


Ch.5-Bow king

Ch.6-Labor join


Ch.8-The untold end

Fnam Spinoffs

FNAM:Mechincal labs,

Game 1-1986(Restaunt-After the close of fnam)

Charaters-Mario,Toad,Luigui,Yoshi,Dark M,Mario-Neter

Protagonist-Kylera evans

Place-Restaunt,Mansion,Island,Lab(Fnaf 5 place)


Stage,Party room,Hallway,Repair room,Prize corner,


Mechinals-Monitor,Music box,Doors,Smoke

Nights-Normal,Custom,Hard mode,Day mode

Game 2-1993(Mansion)

Mechinals-Monitor,Music box,

Charaters-Mario,Peach,Luigui,Yoshi,Toad,chimp box,Browser,


Bedroom,House room,Bathroom,Hallway,Tv room,



Game 3-2007

Charaters-Mario,Toad,Luigui,Yoshi,Dark M,Dark L,Wicked hamster,browser,Peach,



Office,Hallway,Vents,Activy room,Closet,repair room,

Repiar hallway,Prop room,The corner,

Game 4-Underground theater



Mario,Dark M,Luigui,Toad,Peach,Browser,Wicked hamster,

Locations-Mascot room,Office,Prep room,Storage room,


Fnam:Wicked world(The park-2033)

After the burn of fazbear’s fright the horror attraction being burn a worker wents to explore the anbodded fair and now haunted by someone.


FNAM-The dark files

Five nights at chicks(Super chick sisters)

Chick-Night 1,Eyeless,Plush,

Chickette-Night 1,Cutout,

Quackie-Night 2,Eyeless,

Quack pam-Night 3,Robot,

Old duck-Night 4,

Wick-Night 5,Eyeless,

Mr.M-Night 5 or 6,Eye less,

Shadow chick-None


1.Chicklette-Light outs,But lights in you

2.Quackie-Littles can be Wittle

3.Old duck-Its new but just old

4.Mr.m-It’s a me,Your nightmare

Nights of Misfit toys(1980)

“The plushies are not what they seem”

Plot-After getting plushies from the yard sale,You been haunted by the pluses,You think their friends but they aren’t better with their social skills.You go and hide from the toys for a week and then you move away from the toys.

Night of misfit toys 2(1989)

“It’s anything but their back”

Plot-You’re at an manor from away from your house from years rebuilding the model and locking your toys away but then they escape and then they are back ready to come after you.Once again there are new plushies to deal with and you need to survive a week with hem there are also some rules by the nights and that they might trick you.After you’re week your manor has been crashed and your plushies have been delived to an junkyard.

Night of misfit toys 3(2013)

“Time to end your childhood”

Plot-After the toys going to the junkyard they haunt another person by an circus.

Night of misfit toys remaster

Plot-This time the place is an apartments

The shadow Misfits

Chaters-5 year old boy and girl with 12 year old boy,Man Evan,ALiss

Bk.1-The Orphange

Bk.2 The Monstary

Bk.3 Attraction club

Bk.4 Fire Light (Slender man)

BK.5-Mansion of terror(Battle of aliss and herobrine mansion


Plot-Aliss nappes three kids to the orphanage and the Family Arrested evan and they look for them.

Ending of book 1 the kids read the diary of alice

Ending of Book 2-Some teenagers take them to a Fair

Ending of Book 3-After the trials A girl hears noise from the Mansion

Bk.4-After the pages complted they go to the house from the map

Bk.5-Evan watches alice die

Ending of prequel-The exposhen kills the van and the family escapes it.

Chapters-Ch.1 enter the grave yard