Ep.1-In a Pine of Time

Plot-After leaving gravity falls,Dipper find a wierd hexagon shape that takes them to a wierd place which is similar to gravity falls but is wierder with mutants and demons.So it’s up to dipper and mabel to explore dimesions and save the world before the ciphers and their master destorys the universe.

Ep.2-True Blood

Transipt-Wendy:Hey Guys!What's up?Dipper and Mabel:N...nothing!And they run.Wendy:What's wrong with them?On Dipper and Mabel's room:Mabel:What should we give her?Dipper:Hmm...I don't know.What does she likes?Mabel:You're the one that like her!You should know! are a girl.You could extract information from her easily than a boy would do.Mabel:C'mon Dipper!Are you afraid to talk to her after Soos revealed to her that you like her?!And I'll prove it!I will extract information.Outside:Dipper:W...Wendy wait!Wendy:Huh?Dipper:I am asking you a normal question...What do you like?Wendy:(Uh...does he asks that cause he likes me?)Uh...I like amulets...being cool,and....bats.Why you ask? reason.I just wanted to know...Back to their room:Dipper:I got it!She like amulets,cool things and do we combine thoose 3?Dipper:Hm...a bat amulet?Mabel:YES!Dipper:Good...we know what should we give her tomorow,for her birthday...but how do we get a bat amulet?Mabel:Hmm....Dipper:I know!I remember seeing something in the book.Dippper opens book at Bat Amulet.Dipper:"A normal Amulet.The reason it is writen here it's cause it posses the power to light when it's dark".Hmm...this doesn't seems dangerous.Making light....that's absolutely safe.Mabel:Ok..but still,how do we get it?Dipper:There is a map....They follow the map.Dipper:And it makes us come McGucket's house??Unkown voice from McGucket house:....Buy Gold!Bye!Dipper and Mabel enters:McGucket:Get out!I don't know anything!I am just a crazy man!Lipalaliparu!!!!Dipper:Let's go Mabel...Back at their house:Mabel:How do we get that Amulet?Someone knocks at the one is there.But there's a package...Mabel:It's the bat amulet!!Dipper:Strange...but anyway,we have the gift for Wendy's birthday.Next day:Wendy:Wazzup Everyon......Everyone:Surprise!Happy Birthday Wendy!Everyone gives her the gifts,and now it's Dipper and Mabel's turn:Dipper:Here is a Bat Amulet,Wendy!Wendy:( !!! )Take that away from me!!!Dipper and Mabel:Huh?Wendy:It will light me!!!!Take it away from me!!!!Dipper takes it away and Wendy runs...Mabel:???Dipper checks the book:Dipper:I didn't read says:"A normal Amulet.The reason it is writen here it's cause it posses the power to light the soul,revealing true forms of monsters"Real form?Mabel:Of monsters?Dipper:Mabel...don't you think.....that Wendy....Mabel:Wendy is....Dipper and Mabel:A MONSTER???After some minutes:Dipper:I can't believe I fell in love with a monster...Mabel:But what kind of monster?Dipper:Let's see....she said she likes Bats...Bats are dark,bats are.....BATS ARE VAMPIRES!!!!!Mabel:So Wendy is....Dipper:A vampire...Wendy appears:Wendy:You're the only that knows...I must leave,as someone found it.It says on the Vampire Code,Rule Number 24:"If someone finds out the truth,the vampire must leave the place".Dipper:Wait,Wendy!Wendy transforms into a bat and flies away.Dipper:How we will explain this to Grunkle Stan?Like this:"Wendy is a vampire and she can't work at the Shack anymore"..this definetely not.No one would trust us...Mabel:Hmmmm....

Ep.3-Trading Places

Plot-Gideon has an idea to get all the other 3 Books;Switch Bodies with Dipper to obtain the 3 Book.Meanwhile,Stan leaves the shack to go shopping and puts Wendy in charge,and he leaves.Then,Dipper tries to flirt with Wendy but she leaves with Robbie to the amusement park and the legendary monster that is named Korren that he faced in The Legend of the Korren comes and attacks him and Gideon comes and switches bodies with the Korren by accident and uses it against Dipper.

Transipt-[Gideon is seen at his room reading his 2 Book when he sees the page about the 4 Books.]Gideon:[sighs]I HAVE to find the other 3 Books.The only other owner I know is Dipper,but that clever fool is not gonna give it to me.I need to get the Volume 3,and then 1 and 4.[He flips pages til' he sees the Body Swap Page]Gideon:Woah Body-Swapping.I can use this to my advantage HAHAHA[Bud yells from the background]Bud:Gideon,the ice-cream truck is here[Gideon closes his book]Gideon:[giggles]COMING[He runs downstairs][Theme song plays][The screen pans to the Mystery Shack Gift Shop and you see Dipper reading a magazine,Mabel tying her shoes,Wendy at the counter reading another magazine,Soos working the light bulb and Stan coming from the living room]Stan:Wendy and Soos,i'm going shopping with Lazy Susan and you will be in charge for the dayWendy:WhateverSoos:YESStan:HA stay out of trouble Wendy,your boyfriend Robbie is always getting into trouble.He was on the news after he sprayed a giant muffin on the water towerDipper:I know right,he says it's an explosion but it looks like a muffin HAHAStan:Well see ya' kids[He leaves,gets on his car and drives off]Dipper:[whispers to Mabel]I hate RobbieMabel:[Doesn't whisper]You said that 200000 timesWendy:Said what 200000 times?Mabel:That Dipper hates Rob-Dipper:Robbers I absolutely hate them[Mabel rolls her eyes][Wendy smiles]Wendy:Dude,everyone hates Robbers except theirselfsMabel:Guys let's change the subjectWendy:Sure what do you want to talk about?Mabel:How Dipper likes-Dipper:God and religionWendy:Everyone likes God and religio Mabel:[whispers to Dipper]Mabel:You are sucking right noWendy:I'll be back,I need to go to the restroomDipper:Sure uhhh o-okay[Wendy leaves]Mabel:Man you suck at talking with Wendy[Soos finishes the new light bulb and walks to the twins]Soos:OOOOOOO Dipper are you in love with Wendy?What happened to you and that other girl Andrea?Dipper:Andrea and I broke up,and I don't have a crush on Wendy!!!!Soos:Don't worry dude a true gentlemen like me never tellsDipper:Thanks SoosSoos:Aha So you do like herDipper:NO I don't.......fine I like herSoos:Like I said before,I am not telling anyone[He walks away]Dipper:Do you really think he keeps his words?Mabel:Ohhhh don't worry he is very nice to us[Robbie is in his car and honks and Wendy comes out of the bathroom seeing him]Wendy:Later,guys[She leaves and Robbie drives her]Robbie:Hey Wendy Me,Tambry,Thompson,Nate,and Lee are going to the Amusement Park wanna go?Wendy:Sure[The screen pans to the Shack]Mabel:What do you wanna do no Dipper:I don't know[Waddles comes and Mabel pets him]Mabel:Hey silly want some food?[Waddles rolls over meaning yes][Mabel gets the food and opens the can and the Korren(Monster that Dipper and Mabel faced in The Legend of the Korren) smells the food and heads towards the Mystery Shack][Dipper sees the Korren through the window and gasps]Dipper:Mabel it's the monster!!!!!Mabel:We have to get rid of it or else it'll destroy the shack!!!!![They go outside before the Korren gets a chance to destroy the Shack]Dipper:How are we gonna stop it we don't have the crystal to summon it away?Mabel:How should I know?[Gideon arrives]Gideon:Dipper Pines!!!!!!!Dipper:[groans]Oh not this againGideon:Hand me Volume 3 or sufferDipper:NEVERGideon:Fine then [He says the body-swapping spell in cryptogram form]HDRGXS YLWRVH HDRGXS YLWRVH HDRGXS YLWRVH[It means Switch Bodies SWitch Bodies SWitch Bodies][His blue aura is visible]Dipper:What the?[The Korren heads towards Dipper and Gideon blasts a blue sphere and it hits Korren and smoke appears]Gideon:Yes Yes i'm Dipper now!!!!![He looks at himself]Gideon:What the i'm the red monsterDipper:Looks like the 3 Book is still in my possesionMabel:Uhhhhh Dipper he is a dragon now!!!!!!!!!Dipper:But what about the real Korren?[The screen pans to Korren in Gideon's Body]Korren:Rawwwww?Gideon:Hahahahahaha Dipper give me Volume 3 OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!Dipper:NEVER!!!!Mabel:Just give it to him!Dipper:Are you crazy?Mabel:IT'S JUST A BOOOOKKKKK!!!!!!Dipper:NOOOOOOOOOO[Gideon throws Fire from his mouth but misses and hits the tree instead]Mabel:AHHHHHHHHHHHH[Gideon chases them and they get in the forest with the Mystery Cart along with the real Korren in Gideon's Body chasing them][Soos and Waddles come out of the door]Soos:What the?[He grabs a sword from the Shack's Museum and gets on the second Mystery Cart with Waddles]Soos:You will probably helpWaddles:Oink[They follow Gideon,Korren,and the twins]Soos:Don't worry guys i'll save you[Later after a long chase,Korren 2.0(Gideon) knocks Dipper and Mabel out of the Cart and Gideon 2.0(Real Korren) and Soos along with Waddles arrive]Soos:Red Dragon!!!! You shall not harm anyone!!!![Soos jumps and stabs Korren 2.0]Korren 2.0:Ouch!!!!! How dare you baffoon !!!!!!![Waddles hits Korren 2.0]Korren 2.0:[gasps]AHHHHHH A pig!!!!!![Soos grabs Waddles and walks to Korren 2.0]Dipper:Switch bodies with Korren now or else Waddles will get you!Mabel:Waddles is my heroKorren 2.0:AHHHHH GET THE PIG AWAYMabel:Switch Bodies or Waddles will bite youGideon:FINE[he does the spell and they switch bodies]Gideon:I will see you soon boy![He leaves]Mabel:So is Korren an ally now?[Korren cuddles with Mabel]Mabel:Woah I guess he is our allyMabel:But that still doesn't explain why Gideon is afraid of WaddlesDipper:Probably cause he doesn't want his hair messy[The gang laugh]Korren:RawwwwwwwwDipper:What does that mean?[Korren coughs]Korren:Ahhhh there we go[Dipper,Mabel,and Soos's jaw drop]Korren:I meant to say thanks and I will help you whenever you need hel [It hands the gang the Korren Crystal]Korren:Here take the crystalDipper:Gee thanks KorrenKorren:See you later[He leaves]Dipper:Did you hear that Mabel he will help us whenever we need itSoos:Guys let's just go home[Dipper,Mabel,and Waddles get on the first Cart,and Soos gets on the other and they drive to the Shack][Later at the Shack][Stan comes]Stan:Hello kids where's Wendy?Mabel:She barely leftStan:Lets just watch The Duchess Approves on the TVMabel:Wait what?Stan:Uhhhhh I meant Duck-TectiveDipper:OK[They go to the living room]

Ep.4-Escape from Terror Isle

Plot-When it's time for the annual festival in Gravity Falls,Dipper and Mabel are excited.Also,Mabel tries to cure Stan's phobia from the Starship 3000.Meanwhile,Robbie comes to the festival and attacks Dipper but fails.So he steals Blendin Blandon's Tape measure Time Machine and goes back to the Hunter of the Falls time and he makes sure Dipper doesn't find out about the zombie thing so Wendy still goes out with him.It's up to Dipper to stop him

Transcipt-Dipper is reading the 3 Book in the couch when the camera pans to Mabel with Waddles]Mabel:Hey Dippingsauce[Punches his arm]Dipper:Hey MabelMabel:So Dipper what cha' doingDipper:I don't knowMabel:I'm BORED!!!!![Dipper slouches]Dipper:Me tooDipper:I am going to flirt with Wen- [Wendy comes and he Covers his mouth and puts the 3 Book under the couch]Mabel:Ulala Dipper flirting with-[Dipper covers Mabel's mouth]Wendy:Hey Dipper!Dipper:H-Hi WendyWendy:So...are you ready for the carnival?Dipper and Mabel:What?Wendy:Well,every August 3rd there is a carnival due to the election of the mayor Damian SauyerDipper:Cool![Dipper and Mabel look at each other]Mabel:Dipper are you ready?Dipper:Yep[Stan comes]Stan:Sup slicksDipper:Can we go to the festival?Stan:Uhhhhh fine get in the car i'll drive 'ya[Everyone gets in the car and Stan drives them to the festival][Theme song Plays][They arrive at the festival in 10:01]Mabel:Look at all the gamesDipper:Looks cool I guessMabel:Oh face it Dipper,you LOVE CarnivalsDipper:Yeah,I kinda doWendy:Hey Dipper you want to go to the Ferris Wheel.I don't want to ride with strangers[Dipper is blushing]Dipper:Yeah ok[The two go]Mabel:Grunkle Stan,you wanna go to the Starship 3000 (One of the rides)Stan:N-N-N-NOOOOOOOOOOMabel:What's wrong Grunkle Stan[Stan faces the floor and kicks a rock]Mabel:Go ahead tell me.[Flashback happens]Stan:Well,when I was about 11,I went to that ride,and I peed my pants,vomited,and everyone made fun of me!And by that I mean EVERYONE!!!!!! [Mabel giggles]Mabel:HAHAHAHAHA,Uhhh I mean Grunkle Stan,I will get rid of your fear of the Starship!!!!Stan:OHHHHH Boy[Meanwhile at the Ferris Wheel Booth 2]Wendy:Woahhhh WE are really high up!!Dipper:I know rightWendy:Yeah I but no worries right?Dipper:Yeah what ride should we go to next?Wendy:Uhhhh,how about the Orbiter?Dipper:Sounds cool[Meanwhile in the parking lot of the carnival]Robbie:Damn you Dipper,sitting with my WENDY[Turns into a zombie due to anger]Robbie:I'll get YOUUUUU[Jumps really high and lands on the Ferris Wheeel Booth 2]Wendy:AhhhhhhDipper:[gasps] Robbie!!!![Robbie breaks the glass and throws Dipper to the 10th Booth]Man and Woman from Booth 10:What the?Wendy:DIPPER!!!!!Robbie:Now where were we WendyWendy:HANDS OFF WHY DID YOU THROW DIPPER,WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?Robbie:He ruined OUR relationship! [Dipper yells from the background]Dipper:Don't worry Wendy i'm okay just a little spine damage OWWWWWendy:How dare you!!!! [Slaps him]Robbie:I'll be back [He leaves and the manager of the ride stops the ride and everyone gets out one-by-one]Wendy:Dipper are you ok?Dipper:YeahWendy:Let's just go to the Orbiter[They leave][Meanwhile at the Starship 3000]Mabel:Grunkle Stan are you ready WE ARE NEXXXTTTTT YEAAHHHStan:NOOOO I'm not getting in thatMabel:No we're nextStan:FINE[They get in and it starts spinning]Stan:OHHHH NOOOOOO[Starts moving]Mabel:Just shut up and stop moving it's gonna get worseStan:NOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP THIS RIDE [They stop the ride]Kid 1:OHHHH COME ON BABYMan:I can't believe youWoman:You just ruined my 2 kid's funtimeKid 2:YEAHHHHHStan:SHUT IT KID[Mabel punches him]Stan:OwMabel:You see what you did?Stan:It's not like the fate of the world depends on me riding this stupid thingMabel:NOOOOOO we are going to get in the back of the line to go again until you get rid of your phobia!Stan:Mabel Angelo-Mabel:It's MabelStan:Whatever anyways Mabel I appreciate that you are willing to help me than to go on those rides you like,but I will never get rid of this phobia.Mabel:No i'm staying and you will lose your phobia!Stan:UHHHHHH Fine[Meanwhile at Robbie's hideout]Robbie:AHA I got it.I can steal My friend's tape measure.What was his name.Oh yeah it was Blendin[Robbie goes to Blendin's house]Robbie:Hey BlendinBlendin:Oh hey- [Robbie steals the tape measure Time Machine and runs off]Blendin:Darn you[Later at Robbie's Hideout]Robbie:Let's see,go back to July 1st[The Date goes from August 3rd to July 1st 9:31 A.M when Dipper found out Robbie was a zombie][At the Mystery Shack]Wendy:Hey DipperDipper:Hey Wendy[Robbie,Tambry,Thompson,Lee,Nate come and they knock on the door.][Dipper answers the door]Dipper:Hey guys[Robbie thinks to himself]Robbie:Remember,The reason she broke up with me is cause I was bullying Dipper and that I was a zombie so I can't bully him and I have to make sure his Uncle Philip doesn't see him cause both of them found out.Robbie:Hey Dipper have you seen Wendy?Dipper:She's over there [Points at Wendy]Robbie:Ok[Later Phil knocks on the door and Dipper answers and Robbie sees][Robbie thinks to himself]Robbie:Oh no it's that monster hunter guy[He goes back to 8:30 when he wasn't with Tambry,Thompson,Lee,and Nate]Robbie:I gotta get rid of Dipper's Uncle[Robbie sees Phil with the Zombie Radar turned off]Robbie:Uhhhhh hey you you want to find the zombiePhil:YepRobbie:He's over there somewhere in the bushes [Points to the Forest]Phil:Thank you young fellow[Phil leaves and Robbie goes to August 3rd 10:01 in the newly mad dimension where Robbie is dating Wendy][10:01 was the time when the gang arrived at the carnival but in the new dimension,Robbie went with themDipper:Why are you coming with us Robbie?Robbie:Cause Wendy is my kitten [Makes an angry face at Dipper]Wendy:Mr.Pines me and Robbie are going to the Ferris WheelStan:Whatever [The two leave]Dipper:[Sighs]Mabel I thought Robbie and Wendy wouldn't be going out this longMabel:Ohhh Dipper I know that the Andrea break-up thing is getting on you but calm down I'm sure they'll break up sometimeDipper:Yeah I guess you're right

Ep.5-Karate Dipper

Transcipt-It is 7:36 in the morning and Stan is reading a book while Jackson comes and hangs out with Mabel and Waddles,while Dipper is looking at the crystal The Manotaurs gave him and is still suspicious about him being Avery in disguise (Jackson is just a normal person not a monster with a normal family).Meanwhile,Clones 3 and 4 are looking for Dipper in the woods.That's when the Theme song Starts.After the song,They think of Dipper's thoughts when Dipper is remembering the time he met tyrone and the disinagrated clones when he remebers 3 and 4 haven't died.3 and 4 find out what he's been doing and head to the shack but where Stan doesn't see them.they go through the vents and attacks Dipper but Dipper explains everything that happened and apologize to him.Stan is coming upstairs when 3 and 4 hide.He tells Dipper to put some posters in the woods for customers,dipper agrees and heads to the woods with 3 and 4. The 3 put all posters with a lot of teamwork and effort and hang around the woods for awhile.Meanwhile,Bigfoot is seen as a shadow walking away when Mabel and Jackson head to the Gravity Park while Wendy is taking care of Waddles and Soos is working the register when Manly Dan comes in to visit Wendy with his sons( Names Still Unnamed).Jackson and Mabel are walking through the park when Jackson tells Mabel if she is noticing something weird about Gravity Falls,Mabel tells him he's alot like Dipper and says yes.Later,Dipper,Rodrick(3),and New Tyrone(4) are in the Swamp area in the woods heading back to the Shack when they see This Swamp Monster.They all scream and run from it.After 2 minutes of chasing,The Monster blows water from it's mouth and disinagrates New Tyrone.Now it's only Dipper and Rodrick,but it disinagrates Rodrick too.Before Rodrick dies he tells Dipper Farewell and good luck when he then dies.The Monster hears something and leaves.Dipper is bummed out about him having no friends,but when he arrives at the shack,Mabel,Jackson,Wendy,her brothers,Manly Dan,Stan, and Soos are there,and Jackson tells Dipper about very mysterious things about the things he's seen and Dipper Makes friends with him and realizes there is nothing wrong about him. MVCG:HFKVI GDRMH EVIHFH TRWVLM GSV WVHGILBVI.Once Decoded,it says Next:Super Twins versus Gideon the Destroyer

Ep.6-Broken Spatula(30s Gravity falls)

Ep.7-Fun Friday(1960 Gravity falls)

Plot-Mabel tries to prove to Stan that Waddles is useful and Wendy tells Dipper she is really into Heroes.So when they later discover a gem that is able to give super powers,Mabel,Dipper,and Waddles claim it so Mabel can prove to Stan Waddles is useful and so Dipper can impress Wendy.They become the Super Twins;and Super Pig.Meanwhile,Gideon discovers the gem too and gains powers and warns Dipper to stop messing with him and the re-opening of the Tent of Telepathy or he'll destroy Gravity Falls.

Transipt-Mabel is feeding Waddles in the living room when Dipper comes from upstairs and is reading Volume 3]Mabel:You are so cute Waddles.Waddles:OinkStan:Are you ever gonna get rid of that thing[Stan comes]Mabel:NO! He is MY WADDLES!!!Stan:Face it Mabel,he's is useless Waddles:[Looks down] Oink Mabel:Grrrrrr,I can prove to you Waddles can do something VERY Useful that can save a life if needed!!!!!!!Stan:Ok;sounds like a bet to meMabel:10 BUCKSStan:FineMabel:The money is given at 8:30 PM.Right now its 2:30Stan:Fine[Mabel and Stan glance at each other and growl at the same time]Mabel and Stan:GrrrrrrrrrDipper:Uhhhh Guys,are you really starting a rivalry against each other?Stan and Mabel:YESSSSS!!!!!!![Dipper walks to the Gift Shop]Dipper:Whatever[Theme Song Plays][Dipper sees Wendy and Soos arrive]Dipper:Hey Wendy;SoosWendy and Soos:Hey Dipper[Mabel comes with a angry face and brings Waddles]Mabel:Hey guysWaddles:OINKWendy:Why so serious?HA..HAMabel:[smiles]You got that from the Joker didn't you?Wendy:Yep I seen the movie 50 times,I totally love super heroes;especially BatmanDipper:[smiles]NO WAY I love Batman TOO!!!!Wendy:[She smiles]Really?How cool!!!!Dipper:Yeah I am so into heroesMabel:Ummmm Wendy you asked why I'm serious right nowWendy:Well ok go onMabel:Well it's cause Grunkle Stan told me Waddles is useless[She looks down]Waddles:Oink[Waddles cuddles with Mabel]Wendy:Don't worry that cute pig knows many things but has yet to reveal themDipper:Wow Wendy,you have such a way of words.[smiles]Wendy:[smiles]WEll that is what Batman said in the comics.Dipper:[thinks to himself]Wendy really likes comics.[Stan comes with 2 handfuls of signs and 2 hammers]Stan:Dipper..........[glances at Mabel] MABEL!!![Mabel rolls her eyes] Stan:I want you guys to put up these signs[hands the twins the signs and the hammers]Dipper:We'll be backStan:Whatever[He walks away][The twins leave with Waddles and head to the forest]Mabel:Stan will see that Waddles can do MANY THINGS.Isn't that right Waddles?Waddles:[Smiles]OINK[Cuddles with Mabel]Dipper:I'm on your sideMabel:[makes a fist at the sky]Those 10 Dollars are Mine!!!![Later]Dipper:Well only one more sign to [Dipper nails it down to the tree]Dipper:I don't understand why Stan thinks everyone loves the Mystery ShackMabel:I know right,anyways let's go back to the Mystery-[Mabel is astonished][She sees a golden crystal]Mabel:Wow look at that Dipper![points to it]Dipper:Looks cool[He takes it out of the dirty mud with a screwdriver]Mabel:Lets go[Dipper,Mabel,and Waddles leave][Later,in the same spot]Gideon:Where are they hiding I saw them right here[He sees a leftover crystal]Gideon:What delightful kind of dohickery is this?Gideon:I assume I can receive the book later[He gets the crystal and leaves to his house][Later at Dipper and Mabel's room]Dipper:[Looks at the Gem they found]It looks like I will have to take out Volume 3[He takes out 3 and flips pages[A minute later]Mabel:Hurry Up alreadyDipper:Oh here it is:Super Powers were just a myth......until today.I found a Golden Crystal that has the ability to give extrodinary powers for those who desire it and in order to activate-[Mabel interrupts]Mabel:Hey I want Super Powers![Takes the Crystal away from Dipper]Dipper:Give it Back Mabel![Mabel gives it to him]Dipper:Besides,you don't even know how to activate itMabel:Yes I do[Dipper raises his eyebrows which means he wants to hear what she has to say]Mabel:You just hold it for 2 secondsDipper:NO!!!!Just let me continue reading,you interrupMabel:Well;what are you waiting for go onDipper:[rolls his eyes]In order to activate have to use light in order for the color of the crystal to appear on your body.Also,the powers go away 3 hours after it has been activatedMabel:Take out your trusty flashlight[He takes it out and ties the crystal on top like in the Little Dipper Episode]Mabel:OOO OOO OOO Me first[Dipper turns on the flashlight and Mabel feels something coming i[And she farts]Dipper:Eww GrMabel:HEHEMabel:Wait I actually do feel somethingMabel:I think I have Super speed![She runs across the stairs in a mini second back-and forth]Dipper:Amazing!Wait a minute Wendy loves Super Heroes...yes put it on me put in on me!!!!![Mabel flashes the light to DipperDipper:I feel something[He opens the windows and shoots a blast from his hands to thground]Mabel:Amazing......HEY I have a great idea.....Flash the light at Waddles!!!!![Dipper flashes the light at Waddles]Waddles:OINK[Waddles shoots a X-Ray Laser from the window to the ground like Dipper]Dipper:WoMabel:Do you think we can fly?[Dipper jumps and he sees himself floating][Mabel and Waddles try it and it turns out they have flying abilities tooMabel:Hey let me make our own costumes;remember I'm good at knitting sweaters[Later she hands out a Wonder Girl Costume to herself,a Batman costume to Dipper,and a Super-Man costume for Waddles]Dipper:Let's Make our own speech[Dipper punches the ground]Dipper:Me Batboy Smartest of them all[Mabel does a twirl]Mabel:Girly Girl Silliest and the Funniest[Waddles rolls over]Waddles:OINK OINK OINKMabel:What should we do with these powers?Dipper:Rescues citizens when there is troubleMabel:YEAHWaddles:OINK[Commercial Break][At the Re-Opening of the Tent of Telepathy]Gideon:About time we open this thing again!!!Bud:I'm sorry what was that?Gideon:Uhhhh nothing......Wait Where is Deuce?Bud:Right over there.{Points at Deuce and Deuce waves}Bud:[Screams to people walking past the Tent of Telepathy]Hello fellow citizens..... care to pay a visit to the re-opening of the Tent of Telepathy?[Everyone nods and pays Bud and they take a seat]Bud:[Talks to the Audience]Ok everybody this is the grand opening of the Tent of Telepathy and This time,Gideon will show you a crystal[Gideon gets on the stage]Gideon:Hello America,I hope you are pleased to the Grand Re-Opening of the TENT OF TELEPATHY YEAH!!!!!!![The Crowd scream and clap as in the Mystery Shack,the gang hear all of the clapping and they see in the window]Dipper:Awwww Great that stupid Tent of Telepathy is open againStan:Stupid GideonMabel:[Looks at Stan]STUPID STAN[They glare at each other]Dipper:[rolls his eyes]Stan Mabel and I are gonnaruin Gideon's Show.Right Mabel?Mabel:[nods slowly]Yeah.....yeah were doing that.[Glares at Stan]Stan:That's my great nephew.[Pats Dipper][The twins get dressed in their super hero costumes]Dipper:Lets do the Super Twins song againMabel:Ok lets do i[Dipper punches the ground]Batboy;Smartest of them all!!!![Mabel does a twirl]Mabel:Girly Girl;The Silliest[Waddles rolls over]Waddles:OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINKMabel:And together we are.....Dipper:The Super Twins......Mabel:And Super PigWaddles:OINKDipper:Lets go to the Tent of Telepathy and ruin Gideon's Show!!!![They fly off from the open window to the Tent]Dipper:Ok here is Step 1[He whispers it to Mabel]Mabel:Got it[She flies to the Back and she rips the cable from the microphone Gideon is using]Gideon:[He notices that the mic doesn't work]What the?[Laughs slowly]Ha....ha...Uhhh hold on guys I'll be back[He makes a cute face to distract the audience]Audience:Awwwww[The camera pans to Mabel behind the curtains]Mabel:Hahaha that will teach him a lesson[She opens the curtain to see Gideon walking to the cable holding the crystal that gave the gang the super powers]Mabel:[Gasps]Gideon"Mabel what are you doing here?[Blushes]Do you love me now?But what are you doing in a Wonder Woman Costume its not Summer or HalloweenMabel:Uhhhh Gotta go[She flies off]Mabel:Oh My gosh I have to tell this to Dipper about the crystal[She arrives at the area where Dipper and Waddles are]Mabel:Dipper Dipper Dipper Dipper Dipper-Dipper:What!?Mabel:Gideon has the Crystal!!!Dipper:Really?Mabel:Yeah!!!Dipper:Calm down Mabel Gideon doesn't have the Amulet remember about 2 weeks ago when he tricked us into thinking Jackson was bacMabel:Yeah I guess your right but remember 3 days ago,when he switched bodies with the Korren Monster?Dipper:Yeah so?Mabel:He will end up switching bodies with usDipper:Just calm down kay?Mabel:OkayDipper:Lets just proceed to Step 2[He whispers it to Mabel]Mabel:Ok you heard that Waddles you have to rip the Tent's Roof apartWaddles:OINK[Waddles uses X-Ray vision to rip the Roof offMan One:What the Man Two:Lets get out of here this place is riggedWoman:Lets go John[Everyone leaves][Gideon fixes the cable and gets to the stage]Gideon:What the? [He sees that the tent is ripped and everyone left and also sees The gang flying off]Gideon:GRRRRRRR DIPPER PINES YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE[Later at the Shack Dipper,Mabel,and Waddles go to the attic and change][Stan comes]Dipper:Hey Stan we ruined Gideon's ShowStan:Really I don't believe 'yaWendy:[Screams from downstairs]Mr.Pines,all the customers from the Tent are ComingStan:Woah really?[All the customers come in]Stan:Dipper I think you should be rewarded by taking you to the local pizzeriaDipper:YES!!!!I love PizzaStan:But let me just manage the customers 'til they leave and then we can goDipper:Can Mabel,Wendy,and Soos come?Stan:Sure,I wouldn't take Mabel but right now is 7:45,and Mabel said the winner of the bet would receive money at 8:30[Later they drive to the Pizzeria and they get inside]Stan:[Closes his car door]Well were hereSoos:I hope they have bacon pizza.MMMMMM Yummy[Mabel gasps, and hugs Waddles]Soos:No offense, ham-bone. Literally! Literally that Waddles is a ham, not the offense partMabel:Soos, you rapscallion!Stan:If they got bacon pizza there you're paying for it yourself, Soos![Dipper nervously starts a conversation by Wendy, and instantly starts to sweat]Dipper:So uhhhhh pretty cool that my uncle is taking us out for pizza, heh?Wendy:Meh, I guess s[Dipper adjusts his shirt's collar, and gulps]Dipper:So, huh, what's your favorite type?Wendy:Someone who's strong, courageous, and funDipper:Actually, I meant pizza toppingWendy:Oh Any kindDipper:Me too?Stan:[Facepalms and looks at Soos]He is terrible[They take a seat in one of the party booths. Dipper makes sure to sit as close as he can to Wendy, and Mabel sits Waddles to her right constantly hugging him. Just then their waiter walks over with their menus, but Dipper doesn't look at him]Wendy:Oh Hey Robbie how's it going?Dipper:Wait WHAT!Dipper quickly looks up, and sees Robbie standing there in waiter clothing. He has a small notepad in his left hand, and a pencil in his right hand. He glares at Dipper with an evil eye, and drops a menu in front of him][Robbie glances over at Mabel, and sees Waddles. He suddenly stumbles backwards nervously]Robbie:Hey! No animals in the restaurantStan:'Bout Time somebody takes action against the pig[Mabel glances at Stan]Robbie:DID YOU HEAR ME GET HIM OUT OF HEREMabel:Oh come on, we didn't see a sign on the doorRobbie:Doesn't matter, get him out of here!Mabel:UGHHHHHHH fine[Mabel reluctantly grabs Waddles, and brings him outside. Dipper glances at Wendy, and Robbie time to time to make sure they don't engage in a deep conversation]Robbie:I'll be back to take your order[Robbie walks away, without saying a word to Wendy, which surprises Dipper. Wendy turns to Dipper, and sort of smiles]Dipper:Why are you going out with that jerk?Wendy:Meh, I guess we have a small thingDipper:(whispering to himself):It better be a tiny thingWendy:I'm sorry what?Dipper:Uhhhh nothing!HahaSoos:Dude I am pretty sure you said somethingDipper:No, Soos; I didn't say anythingSoos:Uhhhh I'm pretty sure it was.....[Suddenly Dipper punches Soos in the shoulder, but tries to make it look playful]Dipper:It was nothing!Stan:Goodness Gracious, what's wrong with 'ya kid?Dipper:Nothing, nothing; it's not important!Stan:Okay?[Then Mabel walks back into the pizzeria, but this time with an odd stranger with her. The stranger is wearing a blonde wig, and a purple jacket kind of like Pacifica's jacketMabel:Everyone, I'd like for you to meet Mrs. WaddletonSoos:Hey! Nice friend, hamboneMabel:Thank you SoosDipper:Umm, Mabel, is that just Waddles iPacifica's clothing?Mabel:NO! Where would you get...that silly idea?Dipper:Maybe from the fact that 'she's' squealingWaddles:WHONKMabel:(whispering to Waddles)Silence, Mrs. Waddleton[Mabel and Waddles get back on the booth, and get comfortable.That is 'til they hear somebody banging the glass][The group turns around to see a brunette, and jacketless Pacifica along with her two friends yelling at Mabel]Pacifica:Give me back my jacket and wig, Mabel!Mabel:Oh. Hi, Pacifica.No, this isn't your jacket or wig. This is Mrs. Waddleton!Pacifica:NO IT ISN'T GIVE ME MY THINGS!!!!!Mabel:But what are you talking about this is Mrs.-Pacifica:[Interrupts]Staci;Chloe(Her 2 Friends) lets get her[The 3 Run inside the building as a figure from the sky shoots a blast to the roof and everyone except Dipper,Mabel,Waddles,Stan,Soos,and Wendy exit through the emergency door.However,Stan,Soos,and Wendy are not visible]Dipper:Mabel you know it's up to us to stop himMabel:I know let's get dressed[They get dressed to their costumes.BTW Pacifica's Clothing and Wig are in the table]Dipper:Let's Save the CityMabel:Okay,But can we please do the Super Twins song again.It's extremely catchyDipper:Ok lets do it[Dipper punches the ground]Dipper:Batboy;Smartest of them all!!!![Mabel does a twirl]Mabel:Girly Girl;The Silliest[Waddles rolls over]Waddles:OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINKMabel:And together we are.....Dipper:The Super Trio;Batboy,Girly Girl and Super-PigDipper:Now lets go kick Gideon's ButtMabel:YeahWaddles:OINKGideon:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (Refers To Dipper thinking he's Dead)I told you I would get you-huh?[The Trio arrive]Mabel:Gideon prepare to get your butt kickedGideon:Oh now I know why you were dressed as Wonder Woman.But now....I Have the Powers As WELL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[Waddles shoots an X-Ray at his hairGideon:Ouch MEH HAIR!!!!!How Dare you Dip-Wait a minute.....[The Camera pans to his face and he whispers]IT WAS THE PIG[Waddles attacks him]Gideon:AGHHHHHHHHH STOP IT!!!!!!Dipper and Mabel:Hahahahaha[Gideon flies to the sky when Waddles,Mabel,and Dipper follow him]Dipper:Stop Gideon before we kick your scrawny BUTT!!!![Gideon stop ascending as well as the Super Trio]Gideon:I WILL......DESTROY YOU COMPLETELY!!!![He shoots Dipper as Dipper falls from the sky]Mabel:[Gasps]DIPPER NO!!!!!!!![She descends as fast as she can but it's too late.However it is revealed Waddles beat her to it and saved Dipper]Dipper:Hey MabelWaddles:OINK OINKMabel:Waddles you saved Dipper's LifeMabel:You see that Dipper?What would have happened if you didn't fix the timeline where I didn't have Waddles?Dipper:When did that happen?Mabel:A month ago,remember when Stan opened the Mystery Fair and Blendin Blandon was there?[Flashback when Dipper hit Wendy by accident and when Robbie asked her out Robbie][Dipper and Wendy are walking around the Fair when Wendy sees a duck/panda doll at the Hit-The-Pin-With-The-Ball Game Booth]Wendy:Woah,Check it out[The Camera Pans to the booth]Wendy:I don't know if it's a duck or a panda but I want one[They go to the Booth]Dipper:My uncle taught me the secrets to these games;you aim for the guy's head and take the prize while he's unconsiousWendy:Hahaha NiceDipper:One ball please?[He hands the man a ticket][The man gives him the ball]Man:You only get one chance[Dipper aims for the pins]Dipper:And a One..And a Two..And a-[He throws the ball]Ughhhhhh[The ball hits the table and bounces and hits Wendy in the face]Wendy:OWWWWWW My EyeDipper:Oh MY GOSH OH MY GOSH WENDY ARE YOU OKAY?Wendy:Does it look swolen?[Looks at him while Dipper is in shock]Dipper:DON'T WORRY I'll GET ICE[He goes and Robbie asks Wendy out][Flashback ends]Dipper:Ok now I remember but GIDEON IS HEADED FOR-[Gideon tackles the trio and they all fall to the road while the cars drive off]Mabel:[Gets up]Ughhhhhh My face hurtsDipper:[Gets up too]I think my bones are broken,ALL MY BONES.Waddles:OINGideon:PREPARE TO DIE FOOLS[Gideon raises his hand][Dipper and Mabel look at each,other in worr[But Waddles gets angry and a blue aura[Force field] comes out and they go back in time to when Mabel was about to tell Dipper about the Mystery Fair[The screen pans to Dipper and Mabel]Mabel:Waddles you saved Dipper's Life!Mabel:You see that Dipper?What would have-[Waddles flies up to where Gideon is and attacks him]Gideon:Ahhhhhh STOP IT YOU FREAKISHLY LOUSY PIG[Waddles tackles him to the ground as The twins descend to the road]Mabel:[Gasps]Waddles you totally kicked Gideon's ButtDipper:YeahWaddles:OINKMabel:Too bad Stan wasn't able to see Waddles saving our live Dipper:[Raises his eyebrows]Where are they anyway?[The Camera pans to the destroyed Pizzeria as Stan,Soos,and Wendy come out]Wendy:What happened?Stan:And why are you guys and the useless pig doing in super hero costumesWendy:[Gasps and smiles]Dipper;You're dressed as Batman How cool is thatSoos:Can I be Spider-Soos?Dipper:[Raises his eyebrows]NOGideon:[He stands up]Grrrrr I'll Destroy you!!!!!Starting With STANFORD[He flies towards Sta about to blast him but Waddles shoots him with an x-ray laser]Mabel:.....Hey Waddles you saved Stan's Life.[Looks at Stan]Money please?Stan:[Sighs]Fine here.[Hands her the money]So can you forgive me for being cruel to your pig?Mabel:Sure[They hug][Then Dipper,Mabel,Waddles,and the barely consious Gideon's powers disappear]Dipper:What the?[The Flashlight that has the super power crystal floats and the crystal is sent away as well as Gideon's]Mabel:Huh?Why did the crystals separate from each other?Dipper:Remember what the book said?After 3 Hours of having powers the crystal disappearsStan:Lets just go home[They arrive at he Shack]Wendy:So Dipper I like how you were dressed as Batman and you even had his powersDipper:Yeah I really like Heroe[The screen pans to the sky][Meanwhile back at the Pizzeria Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Derland are arresting Gideon]Blubs:Why.....Why would you do this Gideon?Gideon:Cause,I wanted revenge on the Pines family!!!!!!!MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA[The Two shrug as they put Gideon in the Back seat of the police car and they drive off][The screen pans to the Broken Pizzeria as Pacifica and her friends find the wig and jacket]Pacifica:Grrrrrrrr MABEL

Ep.8-Ogre Smash(Gravity falls caven)

Ep.9-Zero to Hero(Gravity falls faith healer)

Ep.10-Unbreable Secert(Wonderland AU)


Ep.11-Triangle Wrath(Hidden Falls)

Ep.12-Trianle Wrath Part 2(Apocalypse Falls)

Transipt-Dipper and Mabel are playing "Find Grunkle Stan's Fez", and Mabel is winning because she had it behind her legs. Grunkle Stan asks if they want to hear a story, but Dipper thinks it's about when he lost his dollar in the toy machine. Stan says it isn't, and tells a story about when a customer came in the Mystery Shack in 24 years ago (1988-2012). He says he was trying to get him to buy something, but the customer just wanted directions. So Grunkle Stan had pushed him off the balcony into some thorn bushes, and the touriat was never heard from again. Dipper wonders if he may be a ghost, and Stan laughs, not believing him. Suddenly the house starts shaking uncontrollably. Stan goes to check the basement, and the door locks behind him without him knowing it. Dipper goes to unlock it when Grunkle Stan screams. Dipper unlocks the door and Grunkle Stan rushes out, doing a backflip. Mabel asks if he is okay, and Grunkle Stan wierdly says he never felt more alive. His eyes glow red, so Dipper goes into the basement. He finds a wrecked balcony from 24 years ago (1988-2012), and the thorn bush with the tourists body in it. Dipper is about to touch it when Stan slaps his hand, saying not to touch "the treasure". Dipper says "You got possessed by him!" And points to the body. Grunkle Stan, with glowing eyes, says he hasto dispose of Dipper because he knows his secret. The door to the basement was open, and Mabel heard all of it, with Waddles next to her. Dipper runs out of the basement while Stan chases him up, and Dipper jumps through the door. Waddles attacks possessed Stan, and when Stan comes out, he is normal. Dipper wonders where the spirit has gone, and Mabel says they may never know. Waddles's eyes glow red as they walk away together. Code-FXQ ITB ATTP ZFTDQ ZRRO Means THE PIG WILL STRIKE SOON

Ep.13-Itty Bitty Bussiness(Gravity falls Anti-Gravity)

Transipt-Mabel was lying in bed, worried about where Waddles has gone. Waddles has left for two hours, and still no signs of him. Dipper then poked his head in the door, looking like a mix of happpy and scared, saying Waddles was back. Mabel ran to hug Waddles, but Waddles then said, "Hello, Mabel. I have a surprise for you!' Mabel nearly fainted, but Dipper caught her. Waddles was possessed by the customer! Grunkle Stan ran in and saw the pig, saying, "Hey, pig, are you telling her about the ecret-say of the Ystery Hack May Say?" Dipper could see what he was saying, and demanded Waddles tell them. Waddles said that Stan's story about the customer from last episode was not all truth, and that it was more then a customer. He said that the customer was actually the real owner of the Mystery Shack, Gideon's grandpa Jack Gleeful! Grunkle Stan never really signed over the Mystery Shack to himself, he just pushed him off the building! And Waddles was actually Jack Gleeful's old pig, meaning Waddles was 24 years old (probably older in pig years)! Back to the Gideon thing, this means Gideon's family has owned the Mystery Shack for 24 years! Gideon rushed in, eavesdropping, saying it is time for him to take his pig and the Mystery Shack. Mabel cried about Waddles more, while Stan cried about losing him money-making house. Dipper said that if he could find evidence that Grunkle Stan did own the Mystery Shack by the end of the week, they could keep it. If not, Gideon got Waddles and the Mystery Shack. Dipper asked Grunkle Stan if there was any other secrets about the shack, and he said yes and showed Dipper and Mabel the secret door in the soda machine. He has a flasback to "Tourist Trapped" at the end with him going in the door. He says everynight he usually goes into his cave of Stan-ness and writes notes about the paranormal activity in the town. Dipper then realizes Stan wrote the book! Stan says he did, and that he has evidence he had the mystery Shack. He signed a contract with Cheapo Inc. That his shack would be his until he died. Jack Gleeful wanted to trick him into signing over the mystery shack, but Stan knew his game and pushed him off the balcony. He had no idea Waddles belonged to him at the time. Dipper called Gideon and said, "Ha! I found evidence Stan owns the Mystery Shack! HAHAHA!" Dipper hung up, then turned to Stan happily. Stan was unhappy, because now that they knew the secrets, they needed to move. "If you told everyone, word would get to the President, then a war of misery would happen! I.. don't want that to hurt you guys." He smiled. The spirit of Jack Gleeful left Waddles, saying "Goodbye, good pig! So long!" And he flew out the window into the stars. They all packed up there things, while a song (sung by Mabel) played:It is time to moove,going to far disant lands.Hope you enjoyed the ride, now,because we're going to the taco stands!Life has been a mystery,finding every clue,but nothing would be the same without you.I have a pig,it can jig,but nothing would be the same,yes, nothing would be the same,Oh, nothing would be the SAAAAME,without yooou,OOOH,YEEAH,Without YOOOOOU..... Code-MIYAYJBYMAHBYALOSYU,GLZZHMJIJHBMLLGGYMZLBC The secerts are solved,Now watch a cartoon Network.

Ep.14-Maze Game(Tamsin Pines)


Ep.15-Creeper Peepers(Idea-Fright Falls)

Plot-In a dark night,Dipper turns into a werewolf and mabel is a bat

Ep.16-Winners Don’t Lose(Maze Game(Gravity falls twin demons AU)

Ep.17-The Filtring Method(FNAF AU)

Ep.18-Alien Army(GF Crossover flaling phantom)

Aliens-Blozz,Ripjaws,Spider monkey,Articguana

Heatblast,Crash hopper,Armodillo,Ball Weevil

Ep.19-Cops and Robbers(GF Crossover doctor who)

Plot-A man decides to shop lift and mabel decides to go on a hunt togehter to save money but it backfires

Ep.20-Control of the Mind(GF Deparvity falls)

Ep.21-Gem Stones(Gems pines)

Ep.22-Rules are the Tool(Over the garden wall GF Crossover)

Ep.23-Time is money,bunny(Welcome the nightvale GF Crossover)

Ep.24-Double Devil Part 1(Reversed pines)

Ep.25-Double Devil Part 2

Ep.12-Were wolf Mail(Trapped and Frankenstan)

Plot-After the Mailman(Whom Soos thinks is a Werewolf) comes with a huge box Soos gets it and opens it and Stan comes to tell Soos that is the Troderin;the Goblin Sculpture Stan was talking about in Season 2 Finale and when he tells the twins to put flyers across the town mostly everyone come and the Troderin becomes a success.But in the Night,The Troderin is revealed to be alive and attacks the twins cause they were the only ones who found them and don't want them telling people.Meanwhile,Old Man McGucket is angry at Stan.Transipt-Soos walks to the kitchen and eats some cereal and he hears a truck.He sees the Mailman coming from his truck with a huge box and Soos gets suspicious and gets a bat."Here you go....What are you doing with that bat",The mailman said."Nothing.....Nothing",Soos said."Uh okay here you go",The Mailman said as he gave Soos the Box.A the Mailman left,Stan came and he told Soos that that is his and Dipper and Mabel come and See Stan opening it and are amazed and tell Stan what that is as they see the wax scuplture."It's Just the Troderin; my Wax Scuplture I got From a Garage Sale (He actually stole it).Stan puts it in the Oddities area and gives the twins a flyer that says{:Our Newest Addition to the Mystery Shack:The Troderin It is a Sculpture that will be famous once you see it.}He tells them to copy it from his new Copier Machine he got from his relative when he visited Stan in the Hospital when he was in bad shape.They put it and once they get 50 flyers they headed to Downtown with the Mystery Cart to put the flyers across Gravity Falls.After 30 minutes of putting flyers they head back to the Shack to see Wendy working the register and Soos is Cleaning while Stan looks at his newest addition the Troderin."This beauty is the best thing that ever happened to the Shack since those Wax Figures",Stan thought to himself.Then all of a sudden,a bunch of people came and payed for Admission to the Showing of the Troderin like in the presentation of the Wax Figures."Wow your uncle is doing pretty good",Wendy said."I am going to make so many money cause of this successful thing",Stan said.Later,at the Presentation Soos announces the Presentation will begin shortly."Mabel are you ready for this",Wendy asked."Yep I am Soopy Doopey Excited",Mabel said."Ummm Okay wow",Wendy said laughing.Then,the Pesentation started."Hello America are you ready",Stan said."WOOOOOOOOOOOOO",The People screamed."I SAID ARE YOU READY,Stan screamed."WOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOO",The people screamed."Okay then lets begin",Stan said.Stan explained everything about the Troderin and in the end,The People were pleased and left talikng and whispering about it.Then at night,everyone went to sleep and The Troderin was frowning revealing he is alive.Then in the Morning,Stan takes Dipper and Mabel to Greasy's Diner for some pancakes.They get inside the Restaurant and see Lazy Susan."Hey you Scallywags welcome to Greasy's",Susan said.Old Man McGucket came and said,"Hello Loloooollololol Hehehuah",Gucket said."Man that man is crazy",Stan said."Hey,Why you ackin so cray cray",Mabel said.Then,McGucket said,"HUaHua HuaaaHua he he' Stanford,Gucket screamed as he left."Well that happened",Stan said.So anyways Suzy,we want Pancakes",Stan said."Ok It is on the house",Suzy said.After they ate,they headed back to the shack and saw McGucket throwing the Trash Can at the Door and he said,"Take that Stanford",Gucket said."Look Hobo get out of here",Stan said."Grrrrrrrrrr",Gucket said as he ran on his hands like a dog and left."What did you do Grunkle Stan",Mabel said."Don't worry about it",Stan said.So they got inside and 5 customers came to look at the Troderin and Wendy gets their money and puts it in the Register."Man look at MY Success",Stan said.And Soos came and told Stan he was done cleaning and he left home.Later at night,The twins went to sleep along with Waddles and Stan,and the Troderin decided he had to go to his original home where he belongs and the twins wake up in about 6:50 to see The Troderin and the creature frowns .'Since you have seen me I Have to kill you cause you kids will tell everyone NOW........ PREPARE TO DIE MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH,Said Troderin."Dipper!!!!!",Mabel screamed."wwwwwhhattt",Dipper studdered."We are screwed",Said Mabel. The twins got out of the Shack and hid in the woods."mabel we are dead meat",Dipper whispered."SHHHHHHHH BE quiet",Mabel whispered.Then when they turned,they saw Troderin and they screamed and ran away.They hid and ran and hid and ran but they ran out of hiding places.They were able to get in the Mystery Cart and Drove away when the Troderin made fire from his hands and jumper really high and far and landed on the top of the Cart causing it to get Major Scratches."DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE,Toderin screamed.Then,Dipper started drifting and Toderin fell on the ground and Dipper left Downtown and drove to the woods to lose the Troderin.The Troderin jumps and nearly broke the Cart and then Dipper drifted and it fell but tried shooting fireballs but missed.Then after a long chase,the gang and the Troderin arrived at the Shack and the Sun rose and the Troderin nearly killed Mabel til' it dissapporated by the sunlight.Then,Mabel and Dipper go to Krazy Karts;A Cart Shop and they get a free cart since Stan has used 3 carts.They go to the Shack and pretend they were there the whole time and then the door bell rang.Stan answered and the person at the door was Old Man McGucket.'What do you want",Stan said."MY CREATION,Gucket said."Ummmmm I do not know what you are........Ok Fine i'll give it to you",Stan said."Wait you mean the Troderin was his",Dipper asked."Yeah",Stan said.Dipper and Mabel gulped."Wait where is the sculpture",Stan asked.Dipper and Mabel gulped again."Listen Hobo We lost it",Stan said.Then Stan left and Dipper remembered the wax was in the outside door but it is cause Gucket didn't notice cause he is inasne.Dipper put the wax in a jar and he poured it into the Copier Machine and it turned into Troderin 2.0 and it was about to attack the twins when Gucket came to see the new Troderin and he took it and left.Stan came and Dipper told him Gucket left and they watch Duck-Tective. "GSV DZGXSRMT DRAZIW LU TIZERGB UZOOH" When Solved,it says,"THE WATCHING WIZARD OF GRAVITY FALLS

Ep.13-Book Number 4(Undertale GF)

Plot-Gideon finds out that if you get all the 4 Books 1,2,3,4 together it will tell you every single thing that happens in Gravity Falls and his suspicions are on Stan.So he goes to the Shack and sees that Dipper has 3 so he makes a plan.Mabel and Dipper see a letter on the Mailbox that is from Jackson (Actually Gideon)and he told her he is back so Mabel and Dipper go while Stan,Soos,and Wendy are at the Shack working.The Gideon ambushes them since he found out the 3 Book belongs to Dipper.Meanwhile,Soos fixes the S in Mystery Shack

Transipt-Gideon gets to the refrigerator in his home and gets some Ice Cream and Gideon tells Bud to pick out the nuts and he goes upstairs and sees his mom cleaning his room."Please get out of my room."Okay",Mrs. Gleeful said.She left and Gideon got his 2 Book and read something about the Book itself.It said if he gathers all 4 Books a Power shall be discovered and it will combine all pages and it's Fused name is Mysteries Of Gravity Falls."Oh My Gosh I Shall find the other 3 Books and I shall use the Power to take the Shack MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH".Gideon screamed."Gideon I Picked out all the nuts",Bud Gleeful said."OOOOOOOO Coming",Gideon said that's when the Theme song started.Then,Mabel was brushing her hair when Waddles and Dipper came and Dipper tells Mabel that he is going to eat cereal and that she should go.She decides to go and feeds Waddles and eats Cereal."Here you go Dipper",Stan said as he handed Dipper the Cereal."It's yummy Grunkle Stan normally the cereal you give us is nasty yucky",Mabel said as she crunched and crunched and crunched."Meh,It's just that cause of the Troderin that we made so much money so I was able to buy food",Stan said.Dipper and Mabel gulped in fear of the Troderin since the incident that happened a week ago.Meanwhile in the Gleeful home,Gideon has suspicions on Stan so he tells Bud he is going to the nearby library and Bud says,"Ok Enjoy reading Sonny Boy"Bud said.But obviously He goes to the Mystery Shack with his trusty Mystic Amulet and Power Gem he found in the Woods.He sees Stan doing his stuff for like 10 Minutes but it seems he does not have any book except for Old Chains for Men Magazines."What the heck is that fool reading",Gideon said to himself. Then,Stan goes outside cause he got a call from his brother and then Gideon hides behind the trees and after the call Dipper goes outside and tells Stan,"Grunkle Stan shouldn't we put that S In Mystery Shack back into the letters cause it just says Mystery Hack".You're right kid I'm going to tell Soos right now.Stan Left and Gideon saw Dipper reading the 3 Book and he was amazed."Dipper ? the one with the book I didn't expect that coming",He said.Then he saw Bigfoot."AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH",Gideon screamed as he blasted it with his Mystic Powers and it ran away."Oh Oh My goodness",Gideon said."Soos do me a favor",Stan said as he arrived at the Shack."Sure Mr. Pines",Soos said as he got his tools.Stan and Soos went outside and heard rustling grass (Gideon)."Oh My goodness almost caught",Gideon whispered."I Can attack them right now but right now i'm looking for 3",Gideon whispered.And then Gideon was thinking of a plan to get Dipper to come."MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA",Gideon laughed."Ummmmmm What was that",Soos said."Don't worry",Stan said."There is nothing no noise I think you are starting to hear things,Stan said.Then he realized That Mabel's old boyfriend Jackson was Dipper's Friend.Later, he transported to his room and got a envelope,paper,and pencil and started writing.After he finished writing,he transported to the mailbox which is in the other side of the Shack where Stan and Soos were fixing the S in Shack.he then put the paper on the mailbox and he changed into a mailman with his shape-shifting powers and he made a small box and put the envelope and knocked on the door."Yes Here you go",Gideon said as the mail-man."Oh is this for me",Mabel said."Yep",Gideon said.Then Mabel closed the door and Gideon turned back into himself and hides behind the trees and waits and waits and waits til' they come out so Gideon can ambush Dipper.Meanwhile inside the Shack,Mabel gets scissors and cuts the tape on the corners of th box and she opens the box.She then sees an envelope and then she reads it. This is what it says:Hello Mabel I have very interesting news I'm Back Come Visit Can't wait to see you.She then starts crying tears of joy.Dipper comes and he sees Mabel crying."What happened",Dipper asked."Jackson is BACK HE IS BACK YAY YAYYYYYYY",Mabel screamed in joy.Dipper reads it and says,"This is really ugly hand-writing are you sure it's Jacksons."Oh come on Dipper it is him",Mabel said."Well I am really happy for you but By the way where is Andrea I haven't seen Andrea?",Dipper asked."Meh,She is probably just busy",Mabel said."Yeah and anyways this is about you not me",Dipper said.And Mabel hugs Dipper and she gets ready.When she comes out of the room she pets Waddles and she goes with Dipper to Jacksons' house with the Mystery Cart with Stan's Permission and Gideon secretly stalks the twins.When they arrive,they knock on the door but he is not there and she calls Grenda and she answers."Hey Grendy have you seen Jackson?",Mabel said."Ummmm nope why did he come back",Grenda asked."Yeees I am super excited",Mabel screamed."Well text to you later",Mabel said.And she hanged up.She called Candy and Andrea but they said they haven't seen him.Mabel tried knocking the door again but no one answered."JACKSON WHYYYYYY",Mabel cried.Then,Gideon tackled Dipper and he took his vest and got the 3 Book."MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA",Gideon laughed.Dipper and Mabel gasped."Wait a minute you tricked Me and Mabel to take away my book didn't you",Dipper said."Well Well Dipper Pines It looks like you solved the trick,Gideon said."But it seems this book is mine hahahahahaha",Gideon said while he was laughing."But why would you break Mabel's heart",Dipper said."Cause Jackson was your friend",Gideon said.'Now if you excuse me I'll be on my way now",Gideon said.He was about to leave when he realized during the tackle between him and Dipper,Dipper managed to grab the Mystic Amulet from him."Hahaha jokes on you Gideon",Dipper said.Then he used the Powers to get the 3 Book and the twins got in the Mystery Cart and they drove away."Well at least I have the Power Gem Muahahahahha",Gideon said as he obtained the Power Gem's Powers."Well Mabel looks like we won yet once again",Dipper laughed.But then there was a Small Earthquake in the area and the Cart got a few dents."What the Oh My God Mabel that was Gideon",Dipper screamed."HE'S COMING",Mabel screamed.We have to go now",Dipper said."Gideon stop it's mine",Dipper said."GIVE IT TO ME NOOWWWWW",Gideon screamed.Then Dipper used the Amulet to break the Gem and Gideon turned to normal."GRRRRRRR YOU THINK THIS IS OVERRRRRR WELL GUESS WHAT DIPPER PINES YOU ARE WRONGGGGGGGGG",Gideon screamed."I'll be back",Gideon said."I'll be back",Gideon whispered."Ummmmmm Okay that was creepy",Dipper said.And then,Dipper saw Mabel's head look down."AWWWW Mabel don't tell me you're sad.Mabel nodded her head."Mabel are Birthday is in a week and it is gonna be super exciting there is nothing to be sad about",Dipper said."I guess you're right Dipper i'll forget about it",Mabel said.And they left to the Mystery Shack."Well it looks like we are finally done",Stan said."Yep as he got of from the ladder."The Mystery Hack is now the Mystery Shack",Stan said."Hey Stan fixed the S",Dipper said."Well let's go inside",Mabel said as they went inside and fed Waddles.Meanwhile at the Gleeful Home,Gideon arrives."Where have you been sunny just in a library then you must be......",Bud said as Gideon said,"I'm going upstairs"."That darn Dipper I shall get his book along with the other 2 Books now where was I Dimension Ring,Ray Gun,Goblins,",Gideon said as he later started reading the 2 Book.

GSV 3 YLLPH HSZOO YV NRMV Once Decoded it reads The 3 Books Shall be mine which obviously means Gideon wants the other 3 Books

Ep.14-Body Stachers(Monster Falls)

Plot-When Waddles finds a Paculiar Key and gives it to Mabel,Dipper sees it and tries investigating what it is and aliens get mad since Waddles took their key to their hideout on Earth but they think it was Mabel and the Rekonoids(Aliens) Leader captures Mabel and he Transforms into her and he goes to the Mystery Shack to find the key.When Dipper finds out,He tries to save Mabel.But The alien gets angry and he takes the bodies of Waddles,Grenda,and Candy.And in the End Andrea does something that will shock you.

Transipt-Mabel goes to the kitchen and gets food for Waddles.She feeds him and she decides to take him out to walk and she gets his leash and chew toy."Hey Mabel are you gonna walk Waddles or something",Dipper asked."Yep Wanna come",Mabel asked."Sure why not",Dipper said as they walked to the door."Hey 13 Year Olds",Stan said."Where 'ya going",Stan asked."We are gonna walk Waddles",Mabel said.So the Twins went outside and started walking Waddles for a while.Then,Mabel got out Waddles's Chew Toy and threw it to the Grassland of a Farm.Waddles got it with his mouth and gave it to Mabel.They continued doing that and Waddles found something quite paculiar and gave it to Mabel and also gave her the Chew toy."Ummmmm what's that",Dipper asked."Ummmm I don't know",Mabel said with a confused look."Well let me look at that thing",Dipper said as Mabel handed it to him."Lets see if this thing is in the book",Dipper said as he got out the 3 Book."Oh here it is:The Rekonoids Key a key made by an alien tribe named the Rekonids to open the door to their hideout in Gravity Falls,Earth.Nothing more is known about it",Dipper said as he started reading."So that key Waddles got is from those Alens Tribes Rekiinis",Mabel said."Ummmm its Aliens and the tribe is called Rekonoids",Dipper said."What Evers Man",Mabel said."What should we do with this thing",Dipper asked."We should keep it to see what happens",Mabel said as they walked back home.Then,The Screen gives you a look of the Grassland and you can see Crop Circles that have a triangle eye in the middle.Later at the Mystery Shack,Soos and Wendy arrive."Hey Dipper",Wendy said.:Oh hey Wendy whats up",Dipper said cleaning the floors with the broom."Oh Nothing my dad just got out of work",Wendy said.Then,Dipper got the Rekonoids Key and went to his room and put it there and started examing it."Ok lets take a look at this baby",Dipper said as he looked at the Rekonoids Key."Ok so the Book told me there is a hideout somewhere around the town so I should Investigate",Dipper thought to himself.So he told Grunkle Stan he was going out and He got on the Mystery Cart and he drove around the Woods."Ok so its not in Downtown cause The Rekonoids should know people would find it",Dipper said to himself.He looked further into the Deeper side of the woods and saw Crop circles."Looks like I got a Clue",Dipper thought as he wrote on his Notebook.Then,he decided to go back to the Farm where Mabel,Waddles,and him found the Key and investigate there since that was where the Key was.He later arrived,and Saw Crop Circles."Well looks like I only found Crop Circles but what about UFO's,Foot Prints,and Finger prints",Dipper said to himself."I need to have more proof",Dipper said as he started taking pictures of the Crop Circles. Dipper goes back to the Mystery Shack and tries to decode the codes of the Crop Circles but just cant seem to Crack the Code.So he decides to tell Soos if he has seen any clues of aliens,crop circles,etc.Shocklingly,Soos answers with a yes.He tells Dipper that the story took place in 1999 when he was 9 (which means he is currently 22).He then tells Dipper when he went out in the woods,he saw crop circles there in the deeper side and he also found some crop circles in the local farm.(The story ends)"Wait a minute that's where I found the Crop Circles",Dipper said in surprise."so that means there should be more around Gravity Falls",Dipper said."You want to help Soos",Dipper asked."Sure Dude what ever you want dude",Soos said as they went to the Attic to get to Mabel."Mabel you wanna come with us to solve the Mystery of the Rekonoids Key",Dipper asked."Rek-What",Soos asked."Its a type of alien",Dipper said."Sure why not",Mabel said as she put on her shoes."See ya Waddles",Mabel said as she waved goodbye."Oink",Waddles said.So they decided to go through the whole town to find more clues and they finally saw something paculiar at the Crystal Caverns (Only Known Cave in Gravity Falls).The object was a Hand-Sized Yellow Gem.

"What is that thing",Mabel asked."Dude I don't know man",Soos answered."I think its an orb",Dipper said as he looked around it."Lets put it in the jar I brought",Soos said as he put the gem inside the jar."Lets go look for more clues",Dipper said while looking around."We will become known to be the first people to meet and spill the beans on the Rekonoids",Dipper said."But Dude what do you think the orb contains or is,"Soos said."I'm not sure",Dipper said as he took it out."It must be a-",Dipper said while being interrupted by Mabel with a,"BORING I AM GOING HOME TO SEE WADDLES"."Ok then;Soos and I will meet you at the Shack",Dipper said while Mabel went back walking.Meanwhile in the UFO the viewer saw,The Rekonoids Leader wants the key back and thinks"I can't wait to see Waddles",Mabel said as A UFO captured her with the green light in the center of it."What the Heck",Mabel said as she started floating."ALIENS",Mabel screamed as she was brought inside the UFO."What do you guys want",Mabel said while having a scared and angry face."We want our key back right now or we'll kill you completly",The Rekonids Leader said."I don't have it D-",Mabel said as she stopped talking cause the aliens could have killed Dipper."UMMM Never mind",Mabel said."If it wasn't you then who did it or who has it",the leader said."I will never tell!",Mabel screamed as the aliens put her in a glass cage."LET ME GO!",Mabel screamed.Later,Dipper sees the UFO and takes a photo."Soos we have to get on that UFO for more Proof",Dipper said.Then,they saw a window on the saucer and they saw Mabel knocking on the winder."DIPPER DIPPER HELP,Mabel screamed."Mabel i'm coming",Dipper screamed as he started throwing rocks.Then,Soos distracted the UFO while Dipper read the Rekonoids page and saw that their weakness is light;a very bright light."I got it",Dipper said as he took off his flashlight.After Soos threw many rocks,the UFO was finally destroyed along with most of the aliens."Yes now lets go inside to save Mabel",Dipper said as they ran to the UFO.Meanwhile,Andrea is trying to call Dipper cause she tried many times but he never picked up."GRRRRR that Dipper",Andrea said."Plus,he always gets me in danger with those monsters".Later,The Rekonoids Leader decides to swap bodies with Mabel so Dipper can take him to the Shack so he can find the key.So he goes to Mabel and opens his mouth and a green blast comes out and they swap bodies.(Dragon Ball Z Reference)

"Hey what did you do to me",Mabel said in the body of the leader."I am going to be known as Mabel 2.0",Mabel 2.0 said."And you will be Rekonoid 2.0",Mabel 2.0 said as he ran out of the UFO and saw Dipper and Soos."Hey guys",Mabel 2.0 said."Mabel did you escape",Soos asked."Uhhhh yeah of-of-of course",Mabel 2.0 stuttered."Well hurry lets go before the Rekonoids see us",Dipper said as they started running."DIPPER",Real Mabel screamed."Uhhh it's no use they can't hear me from a window",Real Mabel said.Later,the gang arrived at the Shack to see Grenda and Candy knocking on the door."Oh hey Mabel",Grenda and Candy both said."Oh ummm hey Guys",Mabel 2.0 said as he was wondering who they were.So they all got inside and Mabel 2.0 asked Dipper,"Where do you have the Key again dude",Mabel 2.0."You never call me dude Mabel;something wrong",Dipper asked."UHHHHH,there is absolutely nothing wrong",Mabel 2.0 said."Okkkk",Dipper said."But where do you have the Rekonoids Key",Mabel 2.0 said."Wait a minute you were never able to pronounce Rekonoids",Dipper said."YOU AREN'T MABEL",Dipper screamed."Of course I ain't Mabel",Mabel 2.0 said in his regular voice.Then Mabel 2.0 turned back into the Rekonoids Leader and back at the UFO,Mabel as the Rekonoids Leader turns back into herself."Yay i'm back to normal",Mabel said."What the Heck is going on here",Candy asked."The Deaths of all of you MUAHAHAHAHA",Rekonoid Leader said."No NO NO NO",Soos said.Then,The Rekonoids Leader called the remainding aliens in the UFO to capture the bodies of Waddles,Grenda,and Candy and they came."MORE ALIENS",Dipper and Grenda screamed."Candy,Grenda you have to go rescue Mabel",Dipper said."While me and Soos take care of the aliens".But it was too late for Candy and Grenda to leave cause 2 aliens came and swapped bodies with them."HAHAHAHAHAHA",Grenda and Candy 2.0 laughed."OH no were aliens,Grenda screamed in the body of the aliens.Then,another alien came and swapped bodies with Waddles."OINK,Waddles oinked in the body of the alien."Now lets kill the 2 til' we get our key",Rekonoids Leader said.Fortunately,Dipper remembered from the 3 Book that the Rekonoid's Weakness was a Bright Light and he takes out his flashlight and turns it on."Oh no he has a flashlight",Candy 2.0 said as he was shown the light."OH NO,Candy 2.0 said as he was turned back into a Rekonoid and melted.Then,Dipper did this to all of them and they all died.Then,the real Candy,Grenda,and Waddles were turned back to normal."Yay we are alive",Candy said."But what about MABEL",Dipper screamed.So,They all headed to the destroyed UFO and went inside."I know Mabel is in here",Dipper said.Then,he saw Mabel in the Glass cage."How are we supposed to open the lock we are gonna need a key",Soos said."Wait a minute;I have the President's Key!",Dipper screamed as he took it out and unlocked the cage."Thanks Dipper",Mabel said."Mabel i'm sorry for leaving you here",Dipper said."It's Okay",Mabel said."Awkward Sibling Hug",Dipper asked."Awkward Sibling Hug",Mabel said as they hugged."PAT PAT,Both of them said."Lets all go back to the Shack",Dipper said as they all went to the Shack.After they arrived,they saw Andrea with a angered face."Something wrong Andrea",Dipper asked as he hugged her."Shut up you",Andrea said as she slapped him."Why did you do that",Dipper asked while touching his cheek."Well for Starters you never answer my calls and lastly all you do is fight monsters while bringing me in danger",Andrea screamed."WE ARE OVERRR",Andrea said as she walked back home."NO Andrea",Dipper groaned as he walked inside the shack crying a little."Oh no Dipper it's okay you told me this when Jackson left and I ended up getting over him",Mabel said."Yeah you'll get over her",Grenda and Candy said."I guess you're right cause I can still go out with Wendy besides,I felt awkward deciding who should be The One",Dipper said."And she isn't going out with Robbie",Mabel said as she hugged Dipper."That's what you think Dipper;that's what you think",Robbie said in the woods laughing.

XILK XRIXOVH UILN IVPLMLRWH GL GSV DZGXSRMT DRAZIW One Decoded it reads Crop Circles from Rekonoids to the Watching Wizard.It means that the Rekonoids have something to do with The Watching Wizard.

Ep.15-Origin Syndrome(Baby GF)

Ep.16-King of the crowns(Twin swap GF)

Ep.17-Mystery Kids(Mystery kids GF)

Ep.18-Time Hallow(GF Demon Twins)

Ep.19-Elements of History(Elemental Falls)

Ep.20-So Long Travelers

Plot-It shows memories of their travel time

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