Book 1-Power Birds


Defition-Sleepover from a lighting storm


Ch.1-Back to School

Ch.2-There’s no return(Road Trip)


Ch.4-Road Risk(Racing)

Ch.5-Crazy Paint(Learn about powers)

Ch.6-Under the Tree(Caves)

Ch.7-Cheri Costume

Ch.8-Freak out(Mystery crown of pigs

Ch.9-Super Duper Fun(Luca Blocks)

Ch.10-Oh(Piano Concert)

Ch.11-Girls gone wild(Scince test)

Ch.12-The talk(New Leader)

Ch.13-Pigs with the tramp(Tramploin minigame)

Ch.14-Special Day(Pig Powers)

Ch.15-WHAT?(Power Boxes)

Ch.16-Shrinking Fli(Festivals)

Ch.17-WHAT THE?(Buddle Factory)

Ch.18-Rubber Balls(Surfer Game)

Ch.19-Worst Day Ever(Bad princess concept)

Ch.20-Totally Average(Critter Hunt)

Ch.21-Golden Legend(Golden Egg Hunt)

Ch.22-Rock On(Rock On Episode)

Ch.23-WHAT THE flep(Tree Takeover)

Ch.24-Run Away(Runaway)

Ch.25-It’s Not Over(Meet up)

Book 2-Hack Attack

Ch.2-Big Bang(School Battle)

Ch.1-She’s here(School Meet up)

Ch.3-Cave Dig(All That Glitters)

Ch.4-Why(Bridge Build)

Ch.5 ½-Stolen Book(Pilot ABS)

Ch.5-Beach Day(Handsome Pig)

Ch.5-Club Stella(Circus FunHouse)

Ch.6-The Others Ones(Crystal House)

Ch.7-Stolen Clams(Pig Spies)

Ch.8-Monster Fly(Sky Fly)

Ch.9-Not Coming(Pranking)

Ch.10-Flame Fire(Slow Motion Save)

Ch.11-No one knows(Theater)

Ch.12-Parasite Love(Love mission)

Ch.13-It’s a Deal(Art Contest)

Ch.13 ¾-Pokey(Piggy Day)

Ch.14-Swirl Bird(Birthday Episode)

Ch.15-Bitter End(Bitter Ends Episode)

Ch.16-Betrayal Bird(Fly)

Ch.16 ¼-Wonded Out(Firneds whenever)

Ch.17-Think About It(Pig Party)

Ch.18-Are you There(Camp Site)

Ch.19-Drama Step(Parkour)

Ch.20-Gossip Girls(New Pet)

Ch.21-Break Out(Stolen Egg)

Ch.22-Not Famous(Piggy Guess)

Ch.23-Scary Road(Ship Wreck)

Ch.24-Hack Attack(Storm Night)

Ch.25-Sticky Webs(Cave In)

Ch.26-*Funny*(Flash challenge)

Ch.27-The Sequel(Banana Quest)

Ch.28-Solar Light(Egg Steal)

Ch.29-Get OUT(Golden Egg Take)

Ch.30-Your Next(Baby Red)

Book 3-King from the Pigs







Ch.XV-Stone Army

Ch.XXX-The end

Roman Numbers