Luigui Fright(Courage)



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Plot:One day luigui was resting under a tree when a some holes come out of no where and appeared moneybags that wanted to steal money and can hypnotize creatures

Enimies-MoneyBags and Monty Mole


Ep.1-The Motel

Enimies-Klepto and Bandit

Plot:Mario,Luigui,Peach went to mario’s house and decided to stay their in the hiouse with a man

Named bandit but suddenly luigui was distracted at the motel that he got lost there and run away from a bunch of klepto watch birds

Ep.2-Monkey Business

Plot:Today was the day for a cooking challenge and peach wants luigui to find some vegis but a monkey naemd ukiki is stealing the food and luigui must find food fast


Plot:It’s the middle of the night and luigui is afraid that there are boos in the mushroom kingdom

Ep.4-Doctor Goonie

Plot:The toads have amensia from a storm that happened in toad town and a bunch of birds named goonies come help but luigui does not trust them

Ep.5-Luigui and the Chain Chomp

Plot:Mario can’t hadle luigui and he takes luigui to to land of chain chomp and luigui is so feared of it mario pranks him by a chain chomp costume and then a chomp shark eats mario

Enimies-Chain Chomp,Chomp Shark

Ep.6-Where’s my hat

Plot:Mario and Luigui ride peach’s airplane and luigui accdienty loses mario’s hat and mario is mad at luigui but toad finds mario hat

Ep.7-Hazzy Dazzie

Plot:One day peach finds some cool flowers called hazzy daziie in Goomba village but later the hazzy dazzie’s turn peach and mario into crazy dazzie’s and luigui must use pepper spary to get rid of them

Ep.8-Wario and Waluigui

Plot:One day wario and waluigui hang out with mario and peach when they find out their broke and need to find a house and then waluigui brings a weegee board that brings the weegee board a luigui doll to life and freaks out wario and waluigui so luigui must destory the doll


Ep.9-The Night of Burts

Plot:It was night time and peach decided to keep a burt home but they found at that the burt can hunt at night and so they must run away

Ep.10-Bumpty Flumpty

Plot:Luigui was going to koopa village and hangouted with koopas and find out the tribe of bumpty’s and luigui must fight off the bumpty’s

Ep.11-The Shy Guys

Plot:Luigui was hanging out in his new mansion all of a sudden a group shy guys came over


Song Ideas



3.I'm Poppy (song) REVERSED