Minecraft and the sky warp war(Rick and morty)

Ep.1-A New Beginning

Ep.2-Piggy Pet

Ep.3-Zombie Park

Ep.4-The Fake Night

Ep.5-Villager or Sky Lander

Ep.6-Bunny Potion

Ep.7-Raising Ocelot

Ep.8-TV Scream

Ep.9-Something about Nethers

Ep.10-Clone Counter

Ep.11-Squak Busniess

Ep.12-A vortex in Time

Ep.13-Chicken Run

Ep.14-Auto Witch Helper

Ep.15-Totally Drama

Ep.16-Ghast Contest

Ep.17-Crazy Creeper

Ep.18-Little Trouble with Big Dragons

Ep.19-Golem Fate

Ep.20-Killer Agent

Ep.21-Jump n Out

Ep.22-Llama Redemption

Ep.23-Bromancing the Stone to the Sword


Ep.25-Wonder Landers

Ep.26-It's a Conspiracy

Ep.27-Dumb and Smarter

Ep.28-Leaders of the Lead

Ep.29-Mind Exploders

Ep.30-ABC Bet

Ep.31-A Date or Fake

Minecraft and the Sky Warp Wars




Toy Chic=Summer


Ep.1-A Minecrafters Swing

Plot:Steve and SMK goes to the minecraft world to collect diamonds

Idea=Seasame Street,Alien,Space Invaders,

Mystery Science Theater 3000,Wilhelm scream

Ep.2-Zombie Story

Plot:Steve and SMK travels to minecraft to destroy fears of zombies from smk and Alex,Toy Chic,and Foxy teach a pig to be a person but causes danger

Idea=Lawnmower Man,Inception,Eyes Wide Shut,

Dog World,Jurassic Park

Ep.3-Inside Creep Out

Plot:SMK travels inside a creeper to escape some travels and foxy goes adventuring at the ocean ut get trapped

Idea=Ulysses,Fantastic Voyage,It’s a small world,


Ep.4-Hypno Brine

Plot:SMK,Foxy, and Steve travel into hypnotized steves which trap them in the hypno brine world

Idea=Hamilton,Seek and Destroy,

Sweet Home Alabama,Event Horizon,OVA kite

Ep.5-Must Destroy Villages

Plot:SMK goes on a adventure to prove his strong(and smart) while alex,toy chic,and foxy get help by villagers

Idea=Love potion 9,Maternal ISults,Game of thrones

David Cronengerg,Ernest Hemingway

Ep.6-Slime Heart

Plot:Steve gives a potion of slime to smk for his dance but turns the people into skeletons then zombies then they teleport to another dimenson meanwhile foxy and toy chic fight their way out of the wave

Idea=Lown on down from the bridge by mazzy star

Jaws,Rasing Hope,Zardox,Farscape

Ep.7-Rasing the Bear

Plot:Steve gives smk a bear to take care but later betryals smk and alex with steve go to the nether

Idea=Star Trek,OJ simpson,Nature vs Nuture

60 Mintues,Seal my fate by Belly

Ep.8-Forgotten Moments

Plot:Steve and SMK go try out Infinity lands and toy chic,foxy and alex try out a vr headgear to remeber to future and past

Idea=Saturday night live,Citizen Kane,

Weekend at bernzie,Ghostbusters,HBO

Ep.9-Something about pizza

Plot:Toy chic works at fazboys pizza with steve which gets confusing and foxy with smk go to space and find moon rocks

Idea=Stephen King,Pokeball,Disney,Twilight Zone

Monkey Paw

Ep.10-Agent Steve

Plot:Steve gets kidnapped by cloned steves and the rest go save him

Idea=Kermit the frog,Adventure Time,Apple,

Back to the future,Council of Reeds

Ep.11-Romancing Business

Plot:Steve,SMK and Alex have a party which turns insane and toy chic with foxy go on a road trip to find their new hope

Idea=Jerry Rick,Chick Trat,Hyperion,

When a strangers call,Risky Business

Ep.12-Breaking the Balance

Plot:After the events of the last episode steve,SMK,and Alex broke the balance of nature and it’s up to them to build a machine to fix it meanwhile toy chic with foxy find a killed fox and chicken are speechless about

Idea=Roboto,The Hawk,A wrinkle in Time,Langoliers

Music Scene

Ep.13-Assassin Jockey

Plot:SMK and Steve go out and find gems for money when a zombie/chicken ride gives a deal with them but later at night turns into a assassin meanwhile foxy go to a dimension of paradise for him but disagree with it

Idea=Dave and Busters,Monster Hunters,

Totall Recall,Frankstein,Family Guy

Ep.14-Ender Tale

Plot:SMK,Steve,and Alex go to the end and some endermen need help with some exploring the end city and battling the wither

Idea=Cocktail,Halo,The Purge,Op 64,

Hungers Games

Ep.15-Parasite Prototype

Plot:SMK,Steve,Alex,Toy Chic and Foxy remeber dream which turn real and imaginary friends which steve belives are parasites but don’t belive them

Idea=Weeding Crashers,Skylanders,Nine Inch Nails


Ep.16-Ghast Tune

Plot:An Invasion of ghast come to earth and steve,smk with the president find a tune for the ghast to distract while they build a gravity gun and toy chic,foxy and the residents become crazy people over the ghast which turns over them

Idea=Breaking Bad,Smurfs,Red Weeding,Angel

Fallout 4

Ep.17-Crazy Desert Dessert

Plot:SMK and Steve go to the desert to find some dessert before they die and alex gets trapped in the car of steve which the car must keep alex safe but doesn’t does it

Idea=ShawShark Redeption,Mulan

Ep.18-The Fate of Fox

Plot:A doctor fixes up foxy while toy chic,alex,steve,and smk explore some more vr lands

Ep.19-Big Trouble of Purges

Plot:SMK and SMK get trapped in the future of where everywhere does purges

Ep.20-Endo Weeding

Plot:Toy Chic and Alex go to a weeding of mangle and springtrap when all matters get worse when officers find out information of steve

Ep.1-The Witch Spell

Plot:Steve escapes the prison and gets captured by witches and smk with alex go after steve

Ep.2-The Withered Village(Big trouble with little shansze)

Ep.3-Fishbone Stone(Rickmancing the stone/Mad Max)

Ep.4-Warp Zone 9(Space Pilot 3000)

Plot:Foxy got trapped into one of steve invention that traveled foxy into the future and foxy must escape the place

Ep.5-Mr Moon Pies(The series has landed)

Plot:Steve took his friends to the moon and go replace the flag with their own flag

Nostalgia Bro

Ep.6-Size doesn’t matter(Pickle Rick)

Ep.7-Worldernder Wonderland(S3 Ep.4)

Ep.8-Dirly Tirly Whirly(S3 Ep.5)

Ep.9-Rest Relax or React(S3 Ep.6)