Regular show:Mordecai and rigby’s objection show(An LOD Production


Ep.2-Game night

Ep.3-Ghost in the park


Ep.5-A new toy

Ep.6-That’s cold

Ep.7-Comedy chat

Ep.8-2am store

Ep.9-Party pizza

Ep.10-Old schoolers

Ep.11-I miss you


Ep.13-Rigby’s Donut

Ep.14-Video maker

Season 2

Ep.1 Leopold Slikk

Ep.2-Fright Night

Ep.3-Field trip

Ep.4-Weapons shop

Ep.5-2pm school

Ep.6-Calls of Prank

Ep.7-Testing test

Ep.8-Online art

Ep.9-China cookie

Ep.10-Bad Act

Ep.11-Call of Duty

Ep.12-Home Germany home

Ep.13-Field Trip 2


Season 3-

Ep.1-Sky fortress

Ep.2-I’m a Banana

Ep.3-Let’s lap

Ep.4-Sneak attack

Ep.5-Ignition Point

Ep.6-Brain changer

Ep.7-Discontent mansion

Ep.8-Creepy Mask

Ep.9-Mesa train

Crash bandicoot:Mechanical reunion(Return of crash,madascar game)

Charaters-Crash,Coco,Crush,aku aku,

Powers-Kick,Double jump,Jump,Crounch,

Ch.1-Wumpa island(Papu papu)

Ch.2-Neo city zone(Pinstipe)

Ch.3- Seaside resort (N.Gin)

Ch.4-Artic Curve(Dingodile)

Ch.5-N sanity beach (Ripper roo)

Ch.6-Dark swamp(Nitros oxide)

Ch.7-Exccessive cave(Koala kong)

Ch.8-Fungi canyon(Tiny tiger)

Ch.9-Jalapeno desert(Komodo bros)

Ch.10-Tarantula Town(Evil coco)

Ch.11-Robotowers(Neo cortez/Nina cortez)

Ch.12-Kaboom park (Evil crash and uka uka)