Ep.1-Bubsy Retrospective

Claws Encounters of Furrie Kind,Bubsy 2,Fractured Furry Tales,Bubsy 3D,Woolies Strike Back

Ep.2-Banjo Kazooie Retrospective

Project Dream,BK,BK 2,Grunty Revenge,Banjo Pilot

Ep.3-Banjo Kazooie Retrospective

Banjo Kazoomie,Grunty revenge missions

Nuts and Bolts,

Ep.4-Conker Retrospective

Pocket Tales,Twelve Tales,Bad Fur Day,

Other Bad Day,Live and Reuploaded

Ep.5-Conker Retrospective

Getting Medieval,Conker Big Reunion,Young Conker

Ep.6-Super Smash Retrospective

Smash 64,Smash Melee,Smash Brawl

Ep.7-Super Smash Retrospective

Smash 3DS,Smash U

Ep.8-Crash Badicoot Retrospective

Crash 1,Cortex strikes back,Warped,CTR

Ep.9-Crash Bandicoot Retrospective

Crash Bash,Wrath of Cortex,Huge Adventure,

N-Tranced,Crash Nitro Kart

Ep.10-Crash Bandicoot Retrospective

Ripto Rampage,Twinsanity,Boom Bang,

Tag Team Racing,

Ep.11-Crash Bandicoot Retrospective

Crash of the Titans,Mind over Mutant,

N Sane Trilogy,

Ep.12-Sypro the Dragon Retrospective

Sypro 1,Ripto Rage,Year of the Dragon

Ep.13-Sypro the Dragon Retrospective

Season of Ice,Season of Flame,Enter the dragonfly,

Attack of the rhynocs,Cortex Conspiracu

Ep.14-Sypro the Dragon Retrospective

A hero tail,Shadow Legacy,A new beginning,

Eternal night,Dawn of the dragon,

Ep.15-Paper Mario Retrospective

Mario RPG,Paper Mario,Thousand year door

Ep.16-Paper Mario Retrospective

Super Paper Mario,Sticker star,color splash

Ep.17-Legend of Zelda Retrospective

Legend of Zelda,Zelda 2,Zelda Game and Watch

Zelda no Densetsu,A link to the past

Ep.18-Legend of Zelda Retrospective

Link Awakening,Wand of Gamelon,Faces of evil,

Zelda Adventure,BS Zelda no Densetsu

Ep.19-Legend of Zelda Retrospective

BS Zelda no Densetsu Inishie no Sekiban

Oracarina of Time,Majora Mask,Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Ep.20-Legend of Zelda Retrospective

Four Swords,Wind waker,Four swords adventure,

Minish Cap,Twilight Princess

Ep.21-Legend of Zelda Retrospective

Phatom Hourglass,Spirit Tracks,Skyward Sword, Link between worlds,Hyrule Warriors

Ep.22-Legend of Zelda Retrospective

Tri Force Heroes,Breath of the wild

Ep.23-Metroid Retrospective

Metroid,Return of Samus,Super Metroid

Ep.24-Metroid Retrospective

Metroid Fusion,Metroid Prime,Echoes,Zero Mission


Ep.25-Metroid Retrospective

Pinball,Corruption,Other M,Federation force,

Samus Returns

Ep.26-Kingdom Hearts Retrospective

KH,Chain of Memories,KH 2,Coded,Mobile,

358/2 Days

Ep.27-KIngdom hearts Retrospective

Birth by Sleep,Dream Drop Distance,1.5 remix,2.5 remix,KH 3

Ep.28-Resident Evil Retrospective

Resident Evil,Resident Evil 2,Resident Evil 3

Survior,Code Veronica,

Ep.29-Resident Evil Retrospective

Dead Aim,Outbreak,Resident Evil 4,Deadly Silence

Umbrella Chronicles,

Ep.30-Resident Evil Retrospective

Resident evil 5,Darkside Chronicles

Ep.31-Star Fox Retrospective

Star Fox,Star Fox 2,Star Fox 64

Ep.32-Star Fox Retrospective


Ep.33-Jak and Dazter Retrospective

Precursor Legacy,Jak 2,Jak 3,

Ep.34-Jak and Daxter Retrospective

Combat Racing,Daxter,Lost Frontier,Jak 4