Season 1(50 Episodes) Edit

Ep.0-The Best Day Ever

Plot:BB & JJ are tried of F,B,and C being mean to them so later a man takes them to a junkyard to destory them and Later BB,JJ along with Foxy rescue their peeps later on it's a dream

Easter Eggs:Avatar,Lion King,Jaws,Holes,Pikmin,Simpsons,Family Guy,

Insirped by Phineas and Ferb get busted

Ep.1-Show Off

Plot:JJ wants to be pretty when she is and Fredbear with Spring bon makes her a tv show

Easter Eggs-Shakespeare,Tom and Jerry,Godzilla,Muppets

Ep.2-Ball Boy

Plot:BB and JJ go to the mall and invent a toy called Ball boy

Easter Eggs-Willy Wonka,Ren and Stimpy,King Kong,Lego

Ep.3-Get Ready for Freddy

Plot:Foxy and Mangle are hanging out play games while BB and JJ create robot trees and want to battle them so they go to the movies

Easter Eggs-THX,Power Puff Girls,Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Ep.4-Ballad of Ballons

Plot:Fazboy,Bon,Chic,Fox,and Mangle are going on a quest to collect treasure while BB is looking for JJ since she's kidnapped by Golden Fazboy but gets caught in poision in the way

Easter Eggs-Alice in Wonderland,Simpsons Movie,Pirates of the Caribbean

Ep.5-Out of Context

Plot:Bon,Chic,BB,JJ,and Foxy create a comparison of them as real peeps and Fazboy is mad of it

Easter Eggs-Bible,Sailor Moon,Little Mermaid,Batman,NES

Ep.6-No Space Left

Plot:BB and JJ hang out with the puppet while they go rescue him from mars

Easter Eggs-WoW,Yoshi Island,The Simpsons,Fairly Oddparents,Kung Fu Panda

Ep.7-Fazbear Fever

Plot:Fredbear creates a game system that can make characters into the game and they turn BB and JJ into the game with fazboy

Easter Eggs:SMB,Virtual Boy,DSi,Beauty and the Beast,Jack and the Giant Beanstalk

Ep.8-Cupcake Challenge

Plot:BB and JJ versus them self on eating the most cupcakes and see who wins

Easter Eggs:Jeopardy,Wheel of Fortune,Double Dare,

Ep.9-Withered Up

Plot:BB,JJ,Fazboy,Bona,and Chic go buidling things in a jungle and find a cave filled with broken withered versions of them meanwhile Fredbear and Spring Bona is playing with Foxy and Mangle

Easter Eggs:Titanic,Pinky and the Brain,Mc Donalds,Flint Stones,Ape Escape,Tarzan

Ep.10-Shop up till you Drop up

Plot:BB and JJ go to the mall and find a wierd bunny figure which is shadow bonna

Easter Eggs:Indiana Jones,


Ep.12-Switch Swap


Ep.25-Man Made

Plot:Shakespeare hangs out with Baby and BB with JJ thinks it's a trap by Shadow Fazboy

Easter Eggs-Guitar Hero,Jaws,Star Trek,Tron,Pac Man

Ep.49-Rainbow Vention

Plot:BB and JJ hang out with a friend named tyke and later a rainbow invades the world and they must destroy it

Easter Eggs:Star Wars,Star Trek,Seinfeld,ET,Wizard Oz

Insirpred:The chronicles of meap

Ep.50-Chipper and Friends

Easter Eggs:Transformers,Littlest Pet Shop,DK Country,Armageddon

Insirpred:Meapless in Seattle

Episode Ideas=Night of Misfits/Freddy Circus/Angry Ballet