The Critters(Backyardigans,CP)Leans Flare

Ep.1-Critters and meerkats

Idea=Andre and wally B,me and my friend,Tin toy,

Ep.2-Citters and the treasure

Idea=Pirate Treasure,Heart on the jungle,Castaway

Ep.3-Critters and the yeti

Idea=Secret of snow,Cave Party,The yeti,Snow fort

Ep.4-Critters and the mission

Idea=for the birds,secret mission,mike’s new car

Ep.5-Critters and the ghost

Idea=Boundin,It’s great to be a ghost,Whodunit

Ep.6-Critters in the range

Idea=Riding the range,Qurst for the flying rock

Ep.7-Critters and the key

Idea=The key to the nile,Lifted,Presto,Burn e,

Ep.8-Critters and the Voyage

Idea=Partly Cloudy,Viking Voyage,Luxo jr,Ghostlight

Ep.9-Critters and the palace

Idea=One man band,Polka Palace Party,Day & night

Ep.10-Critters and the beach

Idea=La luna,Surfs up,The blue umbrella,Lava,

Ep.11-Critters and the gold

Idea=Sanjay super team,Eureka,red dream,High tea

Ep.12-Critters and the samurai

Idea=Piper,Samurai Pie,Jack attack,Knick Knack

Ep.13-Critter and the creature

Idea=The swamp creature,LOU,

Teaser Music:Annabelle: Creation - Trailer Teaser Music | Colossal

Trailer Music - Slice of Hell

Transcipt:They brought us here,They were wrong,The fight is over,were reunitedmwe won battles,we will not lose this time,she will rise agian

Tralier Music:Hi-Finesse - Believe

Transript:We need to find her,we need to finish are unfinished business,were are war,we need to join a force,were stronger,were prepared,we will come find her

Tralier Music 2:War for the Planet of the Apes Official Trailer Music | Really Slow Motion - The Furies

Transcipt:The Legacie is awaking,they don’t understand us,their all we got,they killed us off,were growing stronger,we are ready to fight,were the last ones,to be alive,this is the last stand,all hope is lost,for good