Season 1-Total Mushroom Drama Island


Birdo,Kamek,Shy Guy,Boo=Did not jump

Mario Team Won

This challenge is done in three parts. In part one, campers must jump off a one-thousand foot high cliff into the water, which is infested with psychotic, man-eating sharks. In the dangerous water is a small safe zone for campers to jump into. Campers who do not jump must wear a chicken hat for the remainder of the day. The team with more jumpers receives four wagons to help them with the next part of the challenge. In part two, teams must take four crates back to camp and open them with their teeth. In part three, teams must take the supplies from their crates and build a hot tub. The team with the better hot tub, as decided by Chris Mclean (the host), wins invincibility and gets to keep their hot tub

Elimation-W,Waluigui,Toadette,Rosalina,E Gadd

Daisy,Dry bone,BJ,Bowser,Boo,Blooper

Ep.2-This challenge is done in three parts. In part one, campers must run twenty kilometres around a lake. In part two, All campers who finished the run by dinnertime will be treated to a feast. In a surprise turn of events, it is revealed that for the third part of the challenge, the last team to have at least one camper awake will win invincibility. If both teams have campers awake after twenty-four hours, they will be read fairy tales while a man, dressed as a pink sheep, plays the harp. If both teams still have campers awake after eighty-five hours, the eliminated campers are sent away while the remaining campers are read The History of Canada, a pop-up book.


Waluigui,Shy Guy,Boo,Luigui,Dry Bone,Kamek

E Gadd,

Wario Team Won

Season 2-Total Mushroom Drama Island Returns

Season 3-Total Mushroom Drama World Tour