Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Inspired by Mario and Luigui:Bootleg Jam

Super Ronald Series Insirped by Mario Galaxy/Super Chick Sisters

Adventure time with finn and jake:THE SHAME! Insired by Super Mario Land

All You Idiots Will Be PWN'd! Insirped by Mario Party 1

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Insirped by Sony Super Smash

Bloo and Lavinia's Stupid Baseball Insirped by Mario Baseball

Buper Bario Bros. Insirped by Super Mario World

Calvin and Hobbes Insirped by Jak and Daxter

Crazy Mario Taxi Insirped by Mario Kart 64

Diddy and Pong Racing Insirped by Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy and Pong Racing DS Insriped by Diddy Kong Racing Ds

DumBeE HeAd kaRt SD Insirped by Mario Kart Double Dash

Donkey and Pong: Beepbeepbeep Kingdom Insirped by DK Coconut Crackers

Dance Dance Revolution: Bowser's Ballet Insirped by

Dance Dance Revelution: Nim-nom(DOSE THE WORLD REALLY NEAD MORE NIM-NOM?)Mix

Dance Dance French Revolution: Mario Mix Insirped by

Dance Dance American Revolution: Mario Mix Insirped by

Donkey and Pong 64 Insirped by DK 64

Donkey and Pong Country 1-3 Insirped by DK Country

Donkey and Pong: Kong of Pong Insirped by

Donkey and Pong Land Insirped by DK Land Series

Donkey and Ponga Series Insirped by Donkey Konga Series

Donkey and Pong: Paddle Beat Insirped by DK Jungle Beat

Donkey and Pong: Paddle Blast Insirped by DK Barrel Blast

Donkey and Pong: Paddle Climber Insirped by DK King of Swing

Donkey and Pong: Paddle Fever Insirped by DK Jungle Climber

Dull of Cuty 1-2 Insirped by Call of Duty 1-2

Dull of Cuty 3: Wood at Store Insirped by Call of Duty 3

Dull of Cuty 4: Modem Welfare Series Insirped by Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series

Dull of Cuty 6: Slack Mops Series Insirped by Call of Duty Black Ops

Dull of Cuty Insirped by Call of Duty

DuMmEE HeAD KaRT Pii Insirped by Mario Kart DS

Grand Theif Mario Insirped Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Luigi Insirped by Grand Theft Auto 2

Grand Theft Sesame Street Insirped by Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Sesame Street 2 Insirped by Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Sesame Street 3 Insirped by The Lost and Damned

Grand Theft Sesame Street 4: Vine City Insirped by GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Sesame Street: Santa Andreas Insirped by GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Sesame Street: Liberty Dab's Insirped by Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Sesame Street V: Ballad of Autism Puppets Insirped by Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Sesame Street:The Lost Grouch Land Insirped by GTA China town wars

Groudon457's Gay Adventure Insirped by Super Mario Land 2

Guitar Hero Mario Insirped by Guitar Hero

Hitario and Weegee: Partners in Mime Insirped by Paper Mario

Hotel Weegee Inspired by Hotel Mario

Half Mario Inspired by Half Life

Ice Paper Mario Insirped by Super Paper Mario

Jerryjackson42's Damned & Stupid-Induced Adventure Insirped by Wario Land

Kirby Epic Yarn Inspired by Kirby Epic Yarn

Kirby Stupid Star Insirped by Kirby Super Star

Kirby Stupid Star Ultra Insirped by Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Epic Yarn: Super Mario Glitched! Inspired by Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

K1rby's Dr3am Sh1t Insirped by Kirby Dream Land

Kurbeh 46: The Plastic Shards Inspired by Kirby 64

The Legend of Zelda: Daylight Savings Inspired by LOZ

Legend of Zelda: Vacuum of D.O.O.M. Insirped by LOZ 2:Adventure of Link

LegoDude2000's Extremely Dumbass Adventure Insirped by Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars

Link's Great Adventure Insirped by A Link to the Past

Luigui Bathroom Insirped by Luigui Mansion

The Legend Of Zelda:Evil Goober's Attack Hyrule! (What Is Hyrule!) Insirped by Link's Awakening

Luigi: The shame. Inspired by Yoshi Island

Lizardos 64 Insirped by Super Mario 64

Kirby Dream Land 5: Waluigi 666 Inspired by Kirby Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: Waluigi 666 Insirped by LOZ Ocarina of TIme

Malleo Mart Inspired by Mario Kart DS

Malleo & Weegee: Bowsa's Inside Story Inspired by M and L 3

Guitar Hero Mario Inspired by Guitar Hero

Malleo & Weegee: Partners in Crime Inspired by M and L 2

Malleo & Sawneek at the Olympic Shames Inspired by Mario and Sonic London 2006

Malleo & Sawneek at the Olympic Winter Shames Inspired by Mario and Sonic 2008

Mama Luigi's Mansion Insirped by Luigui Mansion 2

Mario & Iron Man: Metallic Adventure Inspired by Yoshi Story

Metroid: The Last Air-Bender! Inspired by Metroid

Mario: The Shame. Inspired by Wario Land 2

Mario Kart: Wheelchair Edition Inspired Mario Kart Wii

Mario & Luigi: Fart On Time Inspired by M and L 4

Mario & Luigi: The Lost Farts Inspired by Paper Mario 4

Tha Fanastic Adventures of Fart-io and Fart-uigi Inspired by Wario Land 3

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmaga Inspired by Wario Land 4

Mario & Luigi: Teh 4w3s0m3 Adventure Inspired by Wario World

Mario & Luigui: Bootleg Jam Inspired by Bootleg Games and M and L 5

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sega Genesis Inspire by Mario 64 DS

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Paralympic Shames Inspired by Mario and Sonic 2012 olympics

Mario vs. Donkey and Pong Inspired by M vs DK

Mario vs. Donkey and Pong 2: March of the Megas Inspired by M vs DK

Mario Fart Inspired by Mario Kart 7'

Mario Fart DS Inspired by Mario Kart 8'

Mario Mediocre Sluggers Inspired by Mario Superstar Baseball'

Mario Party 643 Inspired by Mario Party 7

Mario's Political Party Inspired by Mario Party 8

Mario Powerless Tennis Inspired by Mario Power Tennis

Mario StupidStar Baseball Inspired Super Mario Sluggers

Marios Fortress 2 Inspired by TF2

Metroid Prom Inspired by Metroid Prime'

Metroid Prom 2: Eggos Inspired by Metroid Prime'

Metroid: The Day Samus Tooted.Inspired by Metroid Fusion'

Mario & Sonic at the Paralympic Games Inspired by Mario and Sonic 2016 olympics'

Mario Hoops 5-on-5 Inspired by Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario Hoops 7-on-7 Inspired by Mario Sports Mix

Mario Hoops 11-on-11 Inspired by Mario Sports Superstars

Mario Party 634 Inspired by Mario Party 9

Mario Strikers: Electrocuted Inspired by Mario Strikers

Mario Adventure DX: Director's Cut Inspired by Super Princess Peach

Mario Jones and the Raiders of the lost Mushroom Inspired by Sonic Boom

Mario and the Secret Coins Inspired by Sonic and the Secret Coins

Mario Heroes Inspired by Sonic Heroes

Mario and the Black Knight Inspired by Sonic and the black knight

Mario Unleashed Inspired by Sonic Unleashed

Mario Rumble Arena Inspired by Super Smash Melee

Mario & Wario Superhero Action!!! Inspired by Wario master of disguise

Malleo and Weegee The Game Inspired by Yoshi Island Ds

Mario's Epic Adventures Inspired by NSMB

New Super Mario Pallette Swaps Inspired by NSMB 2

D.J. Heroe 2: Nim-Nom of the toolicious D.J.'s!

New Super Stupid Bros Inspired By NSMB Wii

  • Nim-Nom Land:NIM-NOM-VS-NOM-NOM!
  • Nintendon't Land (Exclusive)
  • No Need for Madness (Internet)
  • Noob Stupid Mario Booze Weed
  • New Luigi's: Punch Your Brains Out!!!

New Shupa Malleo Bros. Inspired by Super Mario Galaxy

  • Nintendo Characters Smash the Crap Outta Each Other
  • Nim-Nom and Baby Luigi:Partners in Slime!
  • Nim-Nom and Baby Luigi:Super Far Saga!
  • Nim-Nom and Baby Luigi:Bowser's Kitten-Side Story!
  • New super Cario bros.

New Super Shroom Trip Inspired by Super Mario Galaxy 2

OEdit Edit

  • Oak And Chipendale Plastic Caterpiller Gear 65. 97 To The Power Of 6
  • Obey Wario, Destroy Mario!
  • Obey Wario, Destroy Mario! 2
  • Obama VS. You

PEdit Edit

  • Paper Bloo
  • Paper Bloo 2: The Bloo-Year Door
  • Super Paper Bloo
  • Paper Bloo: Bloo Star
  • Paper Bloo: The Mystic Bloo
  • Paper Iron Man
  • Paper Luigi
  • Paper Mario
  • Paper Mario 2
  • Paper Mario 3
  • Paper Mario 4
  • Paper Mario 2364
  • Paper Mario & Luigi:The OVER 9000!!!! Year door
  • Paper Squadala Man
  • Poop-a-shoot
  • Mario want TEH DINNER
  • Phoenix Wrong: Denials and Complications
  • Phoenix Wrong: Justice for None
  • Phoenix Wrong: Stupid Attorney
  • Pikachu Eats Your Cheese
  • Pokemon Brown
  • Pokemon GlitchBrown
  • Pokemon Gray
  • Pokemon Laggray
  • Poopa Koopa's Bathroom
  • Paper Mario & Luigi: OVER 9000!!!!!! Year door
  • M Portal
  • M Portal 2
  • Peep And The Big Dang World Of Random The Game
  • Phoebe and her Unicorn

QEdit Edit

  • Question Mark's Adventure
  • Question Mark's Second Adventure

REdit Edit

  • Rapper Mario's Adventure

SEdit Edit

  • Scribblenuts
  • Send That Fax
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: Remixed
  • Sonic and the Black Plumber
  • Sonic and the Hacked Rings
  • Super Ladybug68 Bros.
  • Stupor ScribbleNauts.
  • Spider-Pig
  • Spider-Pig 2
  • Spider-Pig 3
  • The Amazing Spider-Pig
  • Spider-Weegee
  • Spider-Weegee 2
  • Spider-Weegee 3
  • The Amazing Spider-Weegee
  • Stupid Attorney Investicraptions: Miles Edgeworthless
  • Stupid Mario Galaxy
  • Stupid Mario Galaxy: Attack of the Klowns
  • Stupid Mario Galaxy: A Lost Hope
  • Stupid Mario Galaxy: The Jerkpire Strikes Back
  • Stupid Mario Galaxy: Revenge of the Nerds
  • Super Mario What-The-Crap-Shine
  • Subspace Emissary
  • Super Mario 69
  • Super Mario World 4: Waluigi 666
  • Super Daisy 64
  • Super Daisy 128
  • Super Daisy World
  • Uber Scribblenuts
  • Uber Mario 145
  • Super Hitario 64
  • Super Iron Man
  • Super Jolly Green Giant 64
  • Super Lucas 96
  • Super Marid'oh Brd'ohs
  • Super Mario 1024
  • Super Mario 128
  • Super Mario 129
  • Super Mario 130
  • Super Mario 131
  • Super Mario 1337
  • Super Mario 633
  • Super Mario 12600
  • Super Mario 126000
  • Super Mario 1200
  • Super Mario 1600
  • Super Mario 12102
  • Super Mario Action
  • Super Mario: Attack of the Randomness
  • Super Mario Browls
  • Super Cario is a N00B!
  • Super Mario: Just Click Your Browser's Back Button
  • Super Mario Cheese Shine
  • Super Mario Chicken
  • Super Mario's Cupcakes
  • Super Mario FX
  • Super Mario GPR: Legend of the Seven Stamps
  • Super Mario House
  • Super Mario Moonshine
  • Super Mario Nerd
  • Super Mario Nerd 2: Yoshi's FileLand
  • Super Mario Palette Swaps
  • Super Mario Saves Breakfast
  • Super Mario Siblings
  • Super Mario: Teletubbies!
  • Super Mario Universe
  • Super Mario Warzone 2: Yoshi's Wasteland
  • Super Mario: World Tour
  • Super Mario Zoo
  • Super Muffin-o Sunshine
  • Super Princess Daisy
  • Super RHF 64
  • Super Rapper Mario 64
  • Super Ronald Galaxy
  • Super Ronald Galaxy 2
  • Super Rosalina 64
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Super Stupid Bros
  • Super Toad Land
  • Super Toad Land 2:Quest for Common,Worthless Coins
  • SMK TV: The Game
  • Super Toilet Paper
  • Super UnMarioWiki Mascots 64
  • Super Waluigi World
  • Super Weegee Galaxy
  • Super Window Washing Bros.
  • Super Window Washing Bros. Two: Doublewash
  • Super Window Washing Bros. Three: Return of the Squeegee
  • Super Terrorist Bros.
  • Stupid Mario Bro
  • Super Wario Bros
  • Supa dupa Pikachu bros.
  • Sawneek Adventure
  • Sawneek Adventure 2
  • Sawneek and the Charcoal Knight
  • Sawneek Heroes
  • Sonicman: The Black Knight
  • Super Fat Penguin 5347
  • Shupa Malleo Bros.
  • Smallio Bros.
  • Shupa Malleo Galaxy
  • Space Chimps: The Shame (remake of Stupid Mario Galaxy, a terrible shame)
  • Super Mario & Luigi: The Untold Story
  • Super Mario Solar Systems
  • Super Mario & Wario Moonshine
  • Super Nintendo Bros. Brawl
  • Super Man and Bat Man: Partners In Being Drunk!
  • Super Smash Bros. PHAILURE
  • Super Smash Bros. LIVE-ACTION!
  • Super Mario Ace Plumber
  • Super Mario Bros. 87
  • Super Mario Gangster
  • Super Mario Vacation
  • Super Mario Bros Z The Game
  • Super Mario Downfall
  • Super Mario Hoes
  • Super Mario Steakers
  • Super Mario Bros. Diaper Duty DS
  • Super Duper Mario Rainbow Factory
  • Super Mario War

TEdit Edit

  • Team 4Tress
  • Team 4Tress 2
  • Tetris a-Hack
  • The Legend of Zelda: Daylight Savings
  • Toad Fu
  • Toad Fu 2: Kill Friggin Bill!
  • The Loser Of The Peoples.
  • The Loser Of The Peoples 2:MARSHMALLOWS-VS-GOOMBAS!
  • The Legend of Mario: Twilight Peach
  • The Sims: Mario Edition
  • The Adventures of a Really Bad Doctor

UEdit Edit

  • U R In Love

VEdit Edit

  • Vectorman Planet

XEdit Edit

  • Xylophone Hero

WEdit Edit

  • Wario & Waluigi: Partners in Crime
  • Wario's Tree Climb
  • WarioWear: Mega Fashion Design$
  • Weegee Adventure 2
  • Weegee's Mansion
  • Weegee Wars
  • Whee! Sports
  • Wabowarigi Unite!
  • Whoa
  • Weegee Adventure 3: The Last Weegee Adventure.
  • Weegee Adventure 4: What The HECK?
  • Wii Fat
  • Wii Obese
  • Wii Work
  • Weegee Adventure Reunion. (IT DOSEN'T DESERVE A REUNION!)
  • Walleo and Waweegee series
  • World of Dinner
  • When Goombas Attack!

YEdit Edit

  • Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi's Island 2: Super Mario World
  • Yoshi's Island 3: Super Mario Bros' Attack
  • Yoshi's Island SD
  • Yoshi Puzzle
  • Yoshi Rub and Go
  • Yushee's Island
  • Yushee's Story
  • Yoshi: Poke To Death and Go

ZEdit Edit

  • Zuper Wario 8ros/